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If you want to try a point and click then I'd suggest The Walking Dead. It's a nice starter adventure game (very basic, not much emphasis, if any, on puzzles so you don't end up spending six months or visiting gamefaqs to try and figure something out) with a very nice tear jerking and anger inducing storyline.
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Buy Sacrifice! No i pun, Sleeping Dogs is pretty good if you ask me.
Garugo: I am absolutely loving Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition right now. Over 70 hours into it and on New Game+. Don't buy it if you don't enjoy dying a lot while learning controls/enemy patterns/etc. Also, it works much better with a controller than Keyboard+Mouse from what I've heard (I've only played with a controller).
Hezli: I love dark souls too =D
I got kind of addicted to this game at one point. Took some convincing to stop playing it.
Hezli: I got addicted to it aswell a while back. Its a really good game
stellathestud10: If you aren't looking to spend much money, several great Square Enix games are between 50 and 75 percent off. I'd reccomend Deus Ex personally.
Hezli: Is deus ex 1 worth buying? It feels very.....old.
Azrael360: Hezli, what types of games do you like?
Hezli: I play all kinds of games. Right now I play alot of rpg's. I would like to try out a point and click too.

___--Thanks for all suggestions everyone!!--____
Well Deus Ex does feel rather old, if you prefer newer, then Deus Ex: Human Revolution is also very good and should be on sale for 75% sometime this weekend. It's currenty half off. It's a really good game.
Let's play a game where you list your three favorite games of all time so we have some kind of guidance.
StingingVelvet: Let's play a game where you list your three favorite games of all time so we have some kind of guidance.
Is it free from DRM??
flubbucket: Is it free from DRM??
Steam isn't DRM is it?
flubbucket: Is it free from DRM??
StingingVelvet: Steam isn't DRM is it?
Steam?? Preposterous!!

Not the least bit intrusive.....
At least Steam is not like Origin or UPlay...
To everyone who is like "herpDerp steam sucks no drm free"
-I would like to buy games on GOG but I don't have credit card, so I can't.
Also, there are many good games on steam which isn't on GOG.
I don't understand why everyone is hating so much, I just wanted some suggestions on games. Chill people.
Azrael360: RPG: Skyrim...

RPG+Action: Borderlands 2 (and 1), Fallout New Vegas, Fallout 3...

Sandbox: Sleeping Dogs, Saint Row The Third, Mafia II...

Shoot'em Up: Beat Hazard (with Ultra DLC), eXceed 2nd, eXceed 3rd, Gundemonium Recollection, GundeadliGne, Jamestown, Sine Mora...

Platform: Cave Story+, LIMBO, Trine, Trine 2...

Adventure/Puzzle: Portal 2...

Adventure P&C: The Secret of Monkey Island SE, Monkey Island 2 SE, Deponia, Chaos On Deponia, Edna & Harvey: Harvey's New Eyes, Gemini Rue...
The secret of monkey Island looks really good. I might buy that. Great Suggestion. Thanks
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StingingVelvet: Let's play a game where you list your three favorite games of all time so we have some kind of guidance.
Lets play a game where you read my comment before you comment.
-Which is the best game on steam according to you?
If you like it, I might like it
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Well today it's probably Tomb raider Anniversary, others are kinda pieces of trash. *plays underworld* It's an good game but.. Fuck me, I just flyed in a bottomless pitt.."
Some of my favorites, check them out if you want:
Titan Quest (with the expansion)
The Elder Scrolls games
Tomb Raider (Legend, Anniversary)
Spellforce 2
Book of Unwritten Tales + Critter Chronicles
Thief (especially The Metal Age)
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If Deus Ex 1 oldness scares you a bit, pick up Deus Ex: HR, both are great games. Prepare yourself for the Man + Machine age.
If you're just looking for a quickie to kill the current bought of boredom, I'd highly recommend Thomas was Alone. The gameplay is pretty typical puzzle platformer fare, but it actually has a really interesting story and the characters have a hell of a lot of personality. It's quite an amazing thing, since the characters are just coloured rectangles. All in all, it's a great way to kill three hours.