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semu: So ye, I bought the game mentioned in the title. I installed it and now that I try to play it, it'll just show me black screen and a "Kane & Lynch - Dead Men has stopped working". I tried to look for a solution on Eidos forums and it looks like some people have the same problem, but no one had given a working solution so far. I've got Win 7 HP 64bit if that helps.

Would really appreciate if someone knew solution for this. :)
Wraith: There is no fix. There is no workaround. This is a known problem for the PC version that was ignored by Eidos and IO Interactive, and was never fixed in a patch. It's what caused me to snap the DVD in half and just buy it for PS3 for $2.50 at Gamestop.
Wonderful. I find this out the day I decide to install the game. >:|

And yes I'm aware I'm necrobumping this. The game crashes to the desktop on the same spot, always, I can't even get to a save point. :(
I'm surprised IO Interactive wasn't shuttered after the horrible messes of both K&L games. That said, I'm still baffled that they even greenlit a sequel, in the first place.
I enjoyed the "action movie" style of the games (having seen walkthrough clips on YT), but obviously I've heard bad things about both of them. (And, of course, we're suppose to be rooting for guys who gun down tons of police officers just trying to do their job. It feels worse than GTA, because at least in GTA you have a choice...)