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Mmm. So much amazing music. Thanks for all of the suggestions. I will now be rummaging through each post. :P

And yes, I've heard of 8bitspeople, 8bc, and the indie game music bundle. There's just so much music in those sites that it's hard to filter out the amazing from the mediocre.
Leroux: Check out the new Indie Game Music Bundle, maybe you'll find some chiptunes among these soundtracks. There's also one of Disasterpeace, but you probably know that already?
I second that vote, the IGMB is fantastic. Personally I really enjoy most of what A-Rival does.
Om nom nom. So much great music. Maybe I'll bump this up once more.
My recommendation for chiptune music is youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...

Seriously, grab Famitracker and have fun with it. ;)
Virt is the goddamn best chiptune artist there is. Listen to everything.

Here's a good list of genres and essential albums.

I'm just going to leave this here, have fun
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Necrobump, in case anyone wants to add to this list. I picked up some new music from this thread a year ago and would be pleased to see some more suggestions.

Was there another chiptune thread?
There's a chiptune bundle currently on sale at Groupees:
FantomenK has not been mentioned yet. Available on the bundle mentioned just above.
Oh well hello there thread that I'm going to favorite!

I could definitely use some more Chiptune goodness.