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To keep this short, there's been some strife lately in the forums. I think it's time to hug it out and have everyone start afresh.

How to enter - Post in this thread and include a picture of living things (carbon OR silicon based) hugging or being loving toward one another. People hugging people, people hugging animals, animals hugging animals, robots hugging people, etc. Just something with hugging and love sharing. By love sharing I don't mean sex - don't post porn. Not even robot porn.

What's at stake - Two people will win gift codes to the first tier of Interplay games from a couple weeks ago. The games are: VR Soccer '96, Kingdom: the Far Reaches, Evolva, Screamer, Shattered Steel, Jagged Alliance 2, MAX + MAX 2, and Conquest of the New World. (I should add I didn't merely pay the bare minimum for these).

How winners will be selected - using I'll probably keep a numbered list of entrants in the OP based on order of each entrant's first post in the thread (so as non-entry posts don't interfere with results, but that's not to discourage off-topic discussion in here - talk about anything at all!)

When the giveaway ends - about two days after this post

Eligibility requirements - joined GOG in September or earlier, and you preferably don't have most or all of the games in the pack. But, if you win and already own a couple of the games, you can happily give the code to someone else to redeem the rest.

1. Pemptus
2. Benjir
3. Thespian (for Benjir)
4. Ian (for Braussie)
5. GraversParadise
6. HypersomniacLive
7. Rodzaju
8. 51nikopol
9. TheSupremeForce
10. Braussie
11. dr.zli
12. Fictionvision
13. ErekoseDM
14. QC
15. mxh178
16. langurmonkey
17. IronStar


Winners are Benjir and mxh178. Congratulations and thanks to everyone.

Post edited November 23, 2012 by mondo84
Well, not in but sharing the love.... ;p

Thank you!
[ ]
I'm not entering, but here.
A bad case of hoverhand there, but close enough.

I am in and locked and also loaded. Thanks!
Share the love =)
hug.jpg (123 Kb)
Thanks and +1 for your generosity, mondo84! I own already the first tier of Interplay games (thanks to tarunmutreja).

However, I would like to enter. If I win, could you send the prize to benjiir, please? ;)

Also, this.

EDIT: Changing my entry to shamelessly improve the odds for another GOGer... ;)
Post edited November 22, 2012 by Thespian*
Not in, but thanks for the thread. +1

Also, the cutest video in Youtube ever: Otters holding hands
Post edited November 21, 2012 by Andanzas
thank you mondo84

if i win by some chance, can u forward the prize to braussie please :)
hugging.jpg (230 Kb)
Not entering, but +1 :)
Entering but i could not pick just one sorries
Many thanks for the giveaway.
I only have Jagged Alliance 2 from that list, so thank you for the chance.
hugs.jpg (25 Kb)
Thanks for the giveaway, great idea, we need more hugs in the world.
Here you go!
I'm not in, but check this one

not quite a hug, but come on, pretty sweet.
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