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None. =P But it's basically because of widescreen. Mostly..

And I had some trouble with Neverwinter nights also. Don't remember what it was but could be that there was some dll which crashed the whole thing.
Including free games, I have 61 games on GOG. I've installed almost all of them, but haven't fired all of them up yet. Of the 61, I've played 20 of them and haven't had any problems with any of those. Running on Win7 Pro 64 bit.
i can't recall how many still don't work. Some i got to work, others i gave up on. Eventually my desire to buy more diminished. Some FAQs and other resources might have prevented this.
Most of them work just fine for me, while some I automatically tweak a little before even starting them (mainly DOSBox games). The amount of broken games is suprisingly small. It's weird how some games that had problems on my Win7 lappie run perfectly on my Win8 one (Dark Reign for example), while others that ran perfectly in Win7 won't work properly in Win8.

Overall, I'd say it's less than 5%(?) that give me any significant problems... out of a total of 290.
Most of them.

I rememeber 3. Eador:Genesis, Dungeon Keeper II and Neverwinter Nights Diamond. That's it I think. Out of my 125 games collection. There are few I haven't tried to run at all, though, but I don't think they should cause troubles.
So for me it was really marginal number, and I don't mind it much. NWN were so troublesome, though, that it was like dealing with 20 games. But it was msotly fault of AMD.
Eador on the other hand was working, only slowly, and was quite easy to fix.
I've had some minor trouble with a couple of my games, but nothing that wasn't fixed fairly quickly. Usually it had to do with installing old DirectX files or the latest graphics drivers. The great thing about GOG is that the forums also provide fantastic support. I've gotten most of my questions answered within a day or two from fellow GOGers who have had similar issues.

I don't have a problem with the minor tweaks I have to do either, because the games actually work on my computer lol. If I found these old games in disc form there is no way I would be able to get them to run!

In my opinion, behind the focus on DRM-free, GOG is best known around the internet for "old games that work on new systems"
Since I'm using Linux with Wine for Windows games, my situation isn't the same as let's say for Windows users. But most GOG games work practically fine, except for those which refuse to play with Wine, like the Bard's Tale or The Heroes of Annihilated Empires for example. DosBox and Scummvm games are fine as well.

Some games might require various Wine tweaks to make them work, but usually those steps are already described. It looks like Wine users even can have an advantage, since some old Windows game would work on Wine in compatibility mode, not won't work on modern Windows.
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Someone may have said this, stopped reading shortly when some complained about games that have worked fine for me... but, I believe in MOST cases, the problems we see won't be on a global scale. I.E. the % of games that we have a problem with might be just fine for 90% of the user base. We can get into some really funny math here, especially since we don't have solid numbers.

For my part, I have only seen a few. One game is missing most of the art on the screen, but it wasn't rated for the OS I tried to run it on so I can't count it. Theoretically, it should work... but as the description indicates... it doesn't.

I believe the Thief games did not work for me (windows 7) without tweaking, but I need to format and try again as I may have had some remnants of the CD versions. Also, Thief 1 does not work on Windows 8 for me at all (fresh install).

The Book of Unwritten Tales required me to turn off dual video cards at the hardware level (a profile was not sufficient).

Broken Sword 4 has a location where you can get stuck in the game. (physically stuck). It took me about 30 minutes of in game button mashing to finally break free (multiple reloads and a quick forum search indicates this problem was prominent... also, a cutscene put you in this stuck position, so it wasn't an issue where people wandered where they shouldn't) I won't argue who was responsible for fixing the bug, but it wasn't fixed in the GOG version.

I agree with you OP, when I install a GOG game, I just expect it to work. I have re-purchased many games that I already own for the advertised reason of a no-fuss and compatible install. So far, I have not been extremely disappointed, but they do have some work to do on some existing titles.
All of them! I had to tweak the graphics settings of Darklands to make the text readable on my resolution, but that's hardly an issue I'm concerned about.

Besides, the GOG community has also helped me sort out several games I own outside GOG but which didn't work, so I consider the site and community to be better than equal.

EDIT: Oh, other than the piano puzzle in Myst, which I had to turn my mouse sensitivity down for!
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I thought I'd bump in case anyone else wanted to chime in that hasn't. (EDIT: Huh, I said pretty much the same thing 21 hours earlier. I must be crazee.)
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out of 175 games, I only had issues with 2,Severance: Blade of Darkness and Interstate '76, and those were mainly speed issues. .and I'm not that bothered by that even if it was more, maybe it's because when I buy a old PC game I generally hope for the best but expect the worse since it's impossible to ensure that a older game will work 100% on every single possible PC setup out of the box save for use of emulation such as DOSbox and ScummVM and even then you may still have some minor issues such as static ridden sound effects when using anything other than PC speaker settings for Wizardry 7 but in those cases I don't fault GOG since really it's a DOSbox issue and short of coding their own DOS emulator or making their own port of DOSbox there isn't much they can do about that.
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Cannot recall having had any problems with any GOGs. Have installed dozens.
Although my library here is much larger than that I only played some 12 or 15 games from GOG so far. Of all those only 2 have given me any issues: Beyond Good and Evil's graphic issues that weren't hard to solve; and last week I installed Gothic on my XP only to have it freeze every few minutes. It was completely unplayable and I had to uninstall it.

Even so, I think the problem with Gothic lies not with the game but with my computer so I'll install it in my other computer in the near future and check it out.

Edit: Hmm Gothic isn't compatible with Win7. It looks like I'll really have to solve the freezing issue on my XP. :-(
Edit2: It appears to be compatible with Win7 after all. Back to plan A, then.
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I have played 45 out of 119 GOG games I own. I had to search for solutions for 4 games outside of usual "Admin mode/Compatibility mode" steps.

Namely NWN, BG1, QfG1 VGA and Patrician 3. NWN1 couldn't get over big screen. QfG1 produced an unsurpassable graphical glitch later in the game. BG1 crashed during every third attempt to save -> GOG release desperately needs Tutu patch together with most common modes as bonuses. Patrician 3 failed to be initialized until I ran this registry file.

It means that I have at least 41 out of 45 games without any issue which is somewhat similar to my Steam ratio. I guess it also explains why I honor GOG for other values than the "Verified by GOG" one. The combo GOG help desk + subforums is definitely way more helpful than Steam's, though.

Note: I counted bundles like Blackwell or QfG as one entry.

EDIT: This thread reminded me that I wanted to solve the Patrician issue -> subforum helped. Yay!
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I'd problems with Messiah and the Guild, the 1st one I don't even think it works on win7 (a shame realy), the guild was eventually fixed.