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Shaolin_sKunk: I was having the same problems, KeeperFX managed to solve most of the issues for me though.
KeeperFX is very nice, the only problem is that it doesn't import/use the music from the original.
F4LL0UT: And I can honestly say: more GOG games work perfectly fine "out of the box" for me than games on Steam. I still haven't been able to enjoy Metro 2033 (won't launch), Saints Row 2 (won't launch) or Lumines (no sound) despite the fact that I bought them during the hardware generation they were developed for
As I mentioned, I'm one of the lucky ones for which Saints Row 2 seems to run fine.

Anyway now that I recall, for some reason the GTA games have caused me problems in Steam.

In GTA3, there was some odd bug that the game menus were completely transparent in Win8 (in Win7 on the same machine they are visible). For some odd reason, pushing repeatedly the Print Screen button on the keyboard made the menu text gradually visible again. Anyway, I opted playing the game in Win7, just in case there were any other issues too in Win8.

Then again, I saw someone reporting the same problem from Win7. I don't know why I saw it only on Win8, the hardware and graphics drivers were the same on both.

Then GTA Vice City, there the mouse aiming didn't work at all in Win7. Googling for it found lots of alternative fixes, but the easiest that worked for me was to go to the GTA VC executable, and switch on one of the compatibility options. I think it was the "Disable desktop composition.".
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Every game that I've installed and have actually played (and I have a gazillion of 'em) has worked perfectly, no tweaking required. I haven't encountered a dud yet.
Crosmando: KeeperFX is very nice, the only problem is that it doesn't import/use the music from the original.
Yeah, I tried burning the ISO to a disc in the hopes that I could work around it that way but to no avail. Still, between no music and not being able to play the game at all I thought the choice was obvious.
I have 100+ games, and almost all of them worked just fine.
HereForTheBeer: Personally, I can accept a 10% loss rate.
timppu: ...especially if it is probable that in my next PC it will work.

I don't have that problem at the moment though as I have several PCs from different eras and with different HW, and also different Windows versions, where I can try to run the game. Two of them in the most active use are my old work laptop (ThinkPad T400) and ASUS G75VW, so as long as the game runs on either of them, I'm perfectly fine.

I picked up a bunch of turn-of-the-century vintage PCs as payment from a customer - seven of them total - so I suppose I could get off my heinie and slap XP or Win98 on one of them. Hell, they all have fresh installations of DOS 6.22 (properly licensed, 'cuz I try to be a good boy) now...

But yeah, the backlog is big enough that I can try another game in the meantime while waiting for gOg and / or the community to conjure up a solution of two. I understand the gripes, but in light of the number of games I have yet to even install...
I also have a huge backlog ; in fact if I stopped buying games now I would be okay for many years, so having a few games which won't work properly or even at all is no big deal. But that's not the point. Not everyone has several computers and most of us probably have only one. That means (usually) one operating system, one graphics card etc. This is without a doubt the norm. Most people can't afford several computers or don't have enough space to accommodate more than one.

One of the big attractions of GOG, apart from its DRM-free promise, is that it advertises older games as being "optimised" to run on newer systems. When a game doesn't run "out of the box" on a newer system for whatever reason, then, it might put certain customers off, either immediately or in the long run. The forums are extremely helpful and more often than not come up with a fix, but not always. We are not all computer geniuses and we don't all know how to solve these problems. Some people seem to forget that there was a time when they, too, knew nothing about computers and would get frustrated when something wouldn't work. Now that they are "in the know" they are sometimes too ready to side with the industry and blame us computer dunces when a problem arises. This creates bad feeling and has almost certainly harmed the PC games industry over the years imo. To expect everyone who plays PC games to be a computer expert is like expecting every driver to be an expert car mechanic : it just isn't either realistic or fair.

GOG is VERY good on the whole in my experience. If I had bought disc versions (from Amazon, say) of all the titles I have bought from GOG I doubt whether I would have been able to get even 50% of them to work, and of course in many cases I would have been completely stymied by DRM. So I'm more than satisfied with GOG's service. The majority of my purchases from GOG have worked "out of the box" and I'm not so ill-informed as to expect them to include unofficial patches or mods / widescreen fixes etc.
I've only had a couple of noteworthy problems (out of over 50 GOG games) and they were resolvable in the end. Gothic 1/2 show a fullscreen border on Windows 8 (which is easily corrected). Two Worlds crashes with newer PhysX versions because NVIDIA stopped including the files it needs (resolved by installing the NVIDIA PhysX Legacy System Software). GOG couldn't have foreseen either of these problems at the time.

Everything else has worked as intended as far as I remember, even during the Windows 7/8 betas (long before GOG officially supported those versions).
Of my 150 games I've tried all of them enough(except for Baldur's Gate 2, Icewind Dale 2, and some like the first Postal that I don't really care to play but bought in a bundle to save $$$ on other stuff) to know that most work without any problems.

A few I did have problems with at first and had to tweak a little (Gothic 2, Hostile Waters, MAX 1-2. and now Wizardry 8). Not too bad.
Theoclymenus: That means (usually) one operating system, one graphics card etc. This is without a doubt the norm. Most people can't afford several computers or don't have enough space to accommodate more than one.
In my case the other computers are the older PCs that I used before. So I just don't throw them to recycling, nor try to sell them, until they get broken or become completely obsolete (like I threw one old desktop to recycling simply because I had another which served its purpose fully, no reason to keep two identical machines around).

For space problems, it also helps that most of those machines are laptops. :) Even my main Win98SE retromachine is a laptop, an IBM ThinkPad T41. I played e.g. Heavy Gear through on it, as I had problems getting it to run reliably in either WinXP or Win7 on my other PCs. I have two old desktops though, I wouldn't have room for third.

But yeah, what you say is probably true, most people want to keep only one (desktop) PC around...
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All of my GOG games have worked right out of the box. Every single one.

None of them, however, were "optimized": graphics, sound, etc. GOG can't do this automatically for you, it depends on individual systems. It's not rocket science but does require some time and effort to figure out. GOG, however, should help educate users. DOSBOX performance tweaks, what the various filters do, etc.
OK. You want an honest answer? I'll give you an honest answer. I have 29 games exactly (not counting the free ones) I haven't played all of them, but I have played all the following games without lifting an extra finger.

1) Baldur's Gate: The Original Saga
2) Baldur's Gate II Complete
3) Dark Reign + Expansion
4) Duke Nukem 1 + 2
5) Duke Nukem 3D
6) Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project
7) Earthworm Jim 1 + 2
8) Expendable
9) Judge Dredd: Dredd vs. Death
10) Neverwinter Nights 2 Complete
11) Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath HD (Admittedly, I had other problems with this damn game)
12) Outcast
13) Shadow Warrior Complete
14) The Temple of Elemental Evil
15) Unepic
16) The Witcher Enhanced Edition

The only game I happened to have problems with was Shogo: Mobile Armor Division which would crash every once in a while and I had to constantly tweak it in order to get it working properly.
I thought I'd bump to see if anybody else wants to chime in.
I have 97 games on GOG (I thought it was much lower, but that's what the account page says). I haven't quite tried them all, but I have at least started almost all of them.

I have only had trouble with three games. Neverwinter Nights 1 refuses to launch properly for me.

Dungeon Keeper 2 is just a black screen with menu sound/music, but I think I saw something that might be a fix for that, haven't had a chance to test yet.

I've briefly started Treasure Adventure Game and couldn't get it to start properly. It loads fine but once you're supposed to gain control it bugs out in somehow. I didn't spend much time on it since it was free, so there might be a simple fix or the game might just be incredibly bad at conveying how to get started. Not really sure.
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I remember one game that i needed to tweak. Can't remember what it was, though, Temple of Elemental Evil I think? Other than that all my Windows installs worked fine. I was even able to get Android versions running (ScummVM and DosBox) with a minimum of fuss.