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I don't remember having many issues with GOG games, almost all of them worked right out of the box, as far as I can recall. My rig has a bit of trouble getting the sound right in several of GOG's DOSBox setups (which means lagging, skipping or the occasional odd noises kind of ruin the enjoyment of cutscenes, voiceovers and music), and I guess these issues can be decreased by fiddling with the DOSBox configuration, but I've never managed to completely get rid of them in the games in question, so it's probably a matter of DOSBox emulation requiring too much resources for my low-end rig (e.g. on my setup the sound emulation of King's Quest VI works much better with ScummVM than with DOSBox).

It's probably been said before, but when users have issues with GOG games, it doesn't automatically mean GOG did a bad job; such is the nature of the PC environment, you just can't predict every possible setup and tweak the games in a way that they cater to all of them. So if GOG is to blame for it, then only because they try to downplay that issue by advertising their games as compatible to all modern systems (which is basically correct but still doesn't give you a 100% guarantee that they will all work on your specific setup, too).

But anyway, like I said, so far I've been pretty happy with their work and didn't have any serious issues.
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So far all of my GoG games have worked right after installing. But the installation itself failed for Legacy of Kain - Soul Reaver 1 at first try. But at second try it worked.
I've got well over a hundred GOG games and they have mostly all worked pretty much first time. I am still on XP 32bit and don't clutter my machine with a pile of useless crap running in the background - which makes things easier. Having said that - having a bit of a backlog means I have certainly not played them all to completion. But the first thing I do when I buy any game is prove it works before it goes in the backlog.

The few that I have had problems with were quickly addressed by a visit to the game forum - and I think the OP misses a point here ... the existence of the game specific forums and the quality of the advice to be found there is a positive thing - not an indicator of problems. The nature of these things are that you will find problems there and not find lots of posts saying "hey my game worked first time".

The next thing I do with new games is go to the games forum and check for fixes to common issues and "enhancements" tweaks, community patches, etc. Because I want my games to work "optimally" not just work. I think it is important to remember that making the games work on as many systems as possible can often lead to "lowest common denominator" settings. That isn't a criticism of GOG either - its just what you have to do.
So far all my GOG games worked fine (even Cryostasis that gave some people problems). The only game that had issues was Screamer (game always crashed when I was in lead on a certain track), but I think that is an issue with the game itself, so I wouldn't blame GOG for it.
Almost all of them. I've had to ask on this forum or do a quick google search only 3-4 times I think. In all cases the problem was common and easy to solve.
Thanks again, everyone.
The only game I recall having some problems is Syndicate. But after that the few I have installed have worked fine, either in W7 or W8.
I haven't played that many, actually, but of those I've played the only one that gave me trouble was The Longest Journey, because of the driver issue it has clearly stated on the game page. I never went back to an older driver because i have other games that require newer ones, so that's the only one that's remained unplayable. Shogo and Divine Divinity had minor sound glitches, but they were still playable.

Game forums are usually THE place for people to post their issues with a game. You may find one or two compliments and the rest will simply be people having trouble with this or that, and PC is not a fixed platform like consoles are, so of course there will always be issues.
All of them so far. And I've bought most I'm interested in. Except Gabriel Knight 3. Well, I've bought it, but it just leaves me all alone and scared at a black screen with a strange fat white mouse pointer.
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The games that have a single wide spread issue, like I 76 and Gorky, are what GOG needs to concentrate on. Because in the world of PC gaming, tons of people are going to have problems here and there. But if the majority of people are having the same issue, that hurts GOG.

Anyways, out of the 200+ GOGs I own, only a few needed major tweaking on my end, and a handful needed minor tweaking, mostly DOS games.
Does Dungeon Keeper still have that bug where after a certain time in-game, suddenly you lose control of your mouse cursor and it flies to the edge of the map? I switched to KeeperFX due to that shit.

Also, from memory Dungeon Keeper 2 (before GOG patch) couldn't be run in hardware mode for my ATI card. Populous 3 required a DirectX DLL file to be replaced to run (also due to my ATI card). Disciples 1 crashed to desktop for me unless I ran it in compatibility mode for Windows 95.

That's all the problems I've had, and I don't know if GOG has since fixed them (I know they fixed DK2 of course).
almost all that i have bought here have worked correctly straight away, the few that havent either the forum or support has gotten working as it should be or at least to an acceptable level
Out of my 50 (bought) GOGs three won't work at all : Nox, Desperados, Commandos 3. A couple of others now work but needed a bit of tinkering with, a couple more still need some attention. I'd say that 85% of my GOGs have worked perfectly "out of the box" for me on my Win 7 64-bit machine - a decent success rate by today's standards.
szablev: 36 games owned, and the only one I had real trouble with was Dungeon Keeper 1, which I couldn't get to work properly. The lagging of the sound and the game itself make it unplayable. (which I assume is down to compatibility issues with newer hardware) I bought it in a sale at a discount price so it doesn't really bother me, but if this had happened with a 9.99 game I might be somewhat annoyed about it.
I was having the same problems, KeeperFX managed to solve most of the issues for me though.
HereForTheBeer: Personally, I can accept a 10% loss rate.
...especially if it is probable that in my next PC it will work.

I don't have that problem at the moment though as I have several PCs from different eras and with different HW, and also different Windows versions, where I can try to run the game. Two of them in the most active use are my old work laptop (ThinkPad T400) and ASUS G75VW, so as long as the game runs on either of them, I'm perfectly fine.

I'm also thinking this might be a good reason to switch between e.g. NVidia and AMD hardware, when thinking of buying a new PC. If some games are known to have issues with NVidia, play it on your AMD PC, and vice versa.
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