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I think all of them except Witcher 2, I still can not get it to run above a very slow crawl. I got it at launch and have still not managed to finished the tutorial level...

BGaE did require a little bit of graphic tinkering, but I do not consider it not working "out of the box"
All, except Soulbringer and Lands of Lore 2, I have about 80 games here.

Though I have to say that making games work on a wide range of PC's involves matters beyond gog's control.
Truth is most people are incapable of operating and maintaining a PC for some lenght of time, a lot of users don't know simple things as how to update drivers or even how to extend their antivirus license which complicates matters 10fold.
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Like a lot of you i have a lot of games here and to be honest: as far as I can tell: they all worked! I do have an issue with Beyond good and Evil that the water is all screwed up, no matter what i do and that ruins the game for me. I have the same problem with my steam version and on all of my pc's so I dunno if it's fixable for me. I also have the game on gamecube but that one annoys me a bit because i can only play it in dutch (but the water issue annoys me more ;)

EDIT: looking over my account i do have a game that didn't work when I tried it: Jack Orlando. I would Always crash after the first scene, to be honest i never really tried to make it work and i was busy with other stuff so i just uninstalled it....
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36 games owned, and the only one I had real trouble with was Dungeon Keeper 1, which I couldn't get to work properly. The lagging of the sound and the game itself make it unplayable. (which I assume is down to compatibility issues with newer hardware) I bought it in a sale at a discount price so it doesn't really bother me, but if this had happened with a 9.99 game I might be somewhat annoyed about it.
Rayman had terrible sound issues that where resolved by tweaking a docbox ini (iirc) that the only one I've been properly disappointing with so far

My retail and Steam versions of Soul Reaver have a couple of issues - the built in controller support is borked (its a PS1 port so analog sticks blow its mind, I run xpadder to give myself controller support) and sound issues that start with effects being delayed get worse and worse the more you play it and its my understanding that these issues are present in the GOG version too - correct me if I'm wrong

People say that ToEE NEEDS the community patch or its a broken mess but I've not seen how true this is and GOG have it working as well as it ever did at retail AFAIK

How are people finding Messiah? I've not tried my GOG version but I could never get my retail CD version going properly - just crashed out almost straight away so I'd be impressed if GOG have got it really stable...
I own about 110 games and 2 of them didn't work on my OS, so ... I'd say they're doing fine
I'm not sure. Maybe 90% worked without problems.
tfishell: Looking around the game specific forums gives a bit of a negative sense as to how GOG is doing on that front, but naturally people whose games work fine won't be posting there.
That's the point, and even with GOG games it is the same as PC gaming overall: a game that works just fine on some system does not run at all in some other.

Most GOG games I've tried so far have worked fine from the get go, at least on the system where I initially tried it. But then if I take something like Baldur's Gate or Icewind Dale: on my ATI/AMD powered PC they work perfectly, on my NVidia Geforce machine I had the "jaggy edges on fog of war"-problem that seems to be quite normal with the Infinity engine RPGs when run on modern NVidia chipsets/drivers. You can get around that problem by changing some graphics options inside the games (software BLT and something else...).

The GOG games where I recall having the most problems were:

- Dungeon Keeper 2 3D HW acceleration failing to work on AMD/ATI graphics hardware. GOG fixed this later, now it seems to work fine.

- Gorky 17: This still seems to have problems mostly on NVidia hardware, when you try to run with 3D acceleration. The workaround is to switch off 3D acceleration (which makes the game run on slightly worse graphics), but it seems on some Win7 machines this may cause scratchy sound.

I played it through in a ATI/AMD laptop where it worked fine with 3D acceleration and good sounds, but even there one late mission kept crashing at the same place. The workaround was to switch off 3D acceleration for that one mission, and switch it back on after you finished that mission.

- Shattered Steel: By default the laser type weapons miss your targets all the time, as in just going through them without causing damage. That seems to be some CPU speed problem, because slowing down the CPU cycles inside DOSBox (Shift-F12 or something) fixed it. You just have to find a suitable speed for your PC where the problem does not happen anymore, but the game still runs fast enough to be playably smooth.

- Interstate'76: This is probably the hardest case, it has some bugs related to higher CPU speeds. In the Interstate subarea there are instructions how to try to slow down your PC with a third-party program, and that fixed the physics modelling of the cars (the faulty physics modelling mostly made the game _too easy_, as all other cars except yours would run quite slowly; so in essence the fix made the game challenging again).

But even then the other bug with the flamethrower type weapons not working correctly remained, ie. they wouldn't reach more than a meter or so from your car, making them useless. You don't need those type of weapons to finish the game, but of course it is not nice not to be able to use the whole weapon arsenal. The only time I could get that problem to disappear was to run the game in an old IBM ThinkPad T40 laptop (running WinXP), and even there to slow down the CPU speed way down.

Not a GOG game, but I also bought Saints Row 2 from Steam, anticipating lots of problems since there are lots of complaints about it. Something to do with the game expecting your CPU speed to be exactly the same as with XBox360.

Anyway, for me it seems to run fine on my ASUS G75VW laptop, at least I haven't noticed anything abnormal yet (like the game becoming a slideshow during driving, or the driving model being far too twitchy, etc.). Maybe I'm lucky.
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about 2 out of 40 failed but could be repaired within one hour to one day
Puddle failed because of OpenGL compatibility problems. Everything else I've tried has worked either immediately or after a driver upgrade, although Rollercoaster Tycoon has sometimes been a little flaky.
As I recall, Zork: Grand Inquisitor was released with one of the worst fixes for modern Windows systems I've ever seen. Why they decided to release it in that state, I'll never understand. Thief was also a bit borked, since cutscenes refused to work until I added a fan made patch to the game. Rather disappointing that such glaring flaws were in place, since the games were specifically advertised to work with Windows 7 64-bit.

On the bright side, though, every other GOG game I've bought runs just fine out of the box, so the overall track record is still pretty good. Not perfect, obviously, but acceptable enough.
I think it's a big misunderstanding what "working out of the box" is supposed to mean. People seem to assume that any game will work on any machine because GOG promised that it's gonna work on "new systems". But let's face it - it just says that GOG has taken care of the big issues that generally keep a game from running on new systems, it doesn't mean that a game is guaranteed to work on ANY machine.

Even in case of those games where there's many users complaining on the forums that the game isn't optimized for new systems those people complaining are usually a fraction of all the people who bought it. And I can honestly say: more GOG games work perfectly fine "out of the box" for me than games on Steam. I still haven't been able to enjoy Metro 2033 (won't launch), Saints Row 2 (won't launch) or Lumines (no sound) despite the fact that I bought them during the hardware generation they were developed for and there's numerous others like Silent Hill: Homecoming or Dead Island which I always have to edit some files for before they will work properly. Not to mention completely botched releases like Jedi Knight or Quake 1 and 2.

Anyway, I can really only think of few releases on GOG which don't work out of the box for me (there used to be more but some of them have been fixed since). There's:

Die by the Sword - Won't launch, can be fixed by applying some "Enhanced" mod or something.
Incoming - Runs ridiculously fast, had to use Dxtory to activate a frame limit of 30 FPS.
Hitman 1 and 2 - Runs too fast on laptops, need to manually stress the CPU on startup to fix it.

I actually think that's all.
Every game I've had from GoG has worked out of the box.

However, I think you need to think about what it means to have a game working out of the box. There's no magical way to have something work on every computer ever - if the problem is specific to that computer (i.e. the system/user's fault) then there's nothing at all that anyone could possible do to have their game work out of the box on it.

For example some games have trouble with laptop graphics cards - this is not something that can be addressed by GoG, and so it would be unfair to say that they've failed in making a game work straight out of the box because of this.

There are many other such problems that fall under this same category, and so what GoG are actually doing is making it possible to run their games straight from the box, being that these games would be much more difficult to configure manually, without the things the GoG installer does.
Only games that did not worked out of the box for me is Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare for lack of CG cutscenes and Sacrifice because it keeps crashing.
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PopTB had a release day bug that forced me to navigate to the exe in my prog files folder, apart from that they've all worked fine. Except The Guild of course, but that's because it's a fundamentally buggy game, nothing to do with GOG's packaging of it.