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I usually get 3 or 4 hours in a day. I have a standard routine whereby I get up, have a quick round on the Wii U or PS3 after breakfast as a kind of 'wake-up exercise' (it helps me to focus when I start work afterwards), then I have a quick round after lunch, then I play for a couple of hours in the evening when my girlfriend goes to bed.

Over the weekends, this may be more or less than 3-4 hours a day. Since we bought the Wii U my girlfriend and I play a lot together (Nintendo Land and Mario Kart Wii get a lot of playtime in our household, and Mario Party 8 is incoming from Amazon as I write), and she's quite content to watch me play something like Mario or a JRPG on the Wii or PS3 (going through Ni No Kuni right now).
Not even to clear my backlog of games :)
Actually think I spend more time on the forums talking about games....
It varies, but anywhere from 10-25 hours would be my guess. If I could pull myself away from the GOG forums perhaps I could boost those numbers. :P
McDon: Not even to clear my backlog of games :)
Actually think I spend more time on the forums talking about games....
If I can play everyday, usually 1 or 1.5 hour per day, and more on the weekend. Uhmm... in total I'd say maybe around 10 to 15 hours?
Over 9000.

Monday-Friday I'm working, I can start gaming about 7pm normally I play till 12am-1am if I have no TV programmes to watch at night. And wake up at 6am to work next day.

If I don't go out during the weekends, I can essentially game from 8am-3am but LCD screens are making it tricky since they tired my eyes out easily, I can do this no problem with CRTs.
I don't know, maybe 7 hours. College takes up most of my time so by the time I finally get home and do all the other stuff I plan to do (like check this forum) there's maybe 1 or 2 hours left in my day, sometimes I play something, others, like today, I feel like it's not even worth starting since I'll barely be able to make any progress.

On the good side, I can go months without even turning on the TV so I don't have that eating up my time to play games.
28 hours minimum per week
too-damn-many, yet id play more..

actually because of small kids i cant play just whatever i want when ever i want - well i like to think about as a clan in making ;)
I'm not surprised I'm in the low end, I need to be more efficient with my time. Many nights I'll look up something on the internet or watch one short video and next thing I know I've blown 3 hours.
Anything from 0-horrible binge.

My last binge was HOTS, before that XCom. Spent a couiple of weekend playing those.