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maybe 20 - 30 hours
timppu: ...
I just play 2 hours out of everything and then it looks like I have completed everything ever.

Or maybe I didn't have life before I got a wife.

One of the two.
Usually between 10-30 hours a week but it can be more or less depending on my schedule.
This week about twenty. Last week about ten.
Not nearly as much as I'd like. During the week I'm lucky to get an hour a day, so on Friday night I try to do marathon sessions.
If I had to guess I'd say I average 5-6 hours a week but I don't really know. I can go weeks without playing anything then go a few weeks where it feels like I play way too much.
Since March 4th I have upgraded to an i5 3570K and a gtx 670. so lately i have been playing pretty heavily by my standards. Steam says I have 20 hours the last 2 weeks, then I'd guesstimate and throw in another 10 or so hours on non-steam games for a total of 30 hours these past 2 weeks. Like I said before, I consider 15 hours a week to be playing pretty heavily so I almost never go over that amount
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Probably 20 hours a week, maybe 30. Depends on what games I'm playing. I just beat the Half-Life 1 expansions in 4-5 days, and that took probably 25 hours in total so far.
Isn't life just a game!? Isn't it all just some silly charade!? What are we but pawns in a never ending game of chess ever in search of the proverbial check mate, the royal flush, the high score, the hidden cow level etc etc etc.

Aren't we all just mindless pieces of plastic in a...ummm...I'm sorry what was the question?
I just got a job, moved to another town, etc., and I'm using my crappy cellphone connection, so I haven't been playing much. I was playing Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, but due to sound problems I couldn't hear much of the first encounter with Kain. Then I decided to watch how it went on youtube, only to realize I couldn't. Haven't really opened a game since then.

But now, with a decent connection arriving on friday, that should change. And the ETA for my first gaming PC is about 2 weeks. I'm betting I should then have 2~3 hours a day on weekdays, and even more on weekends. Should end up with 20 hours a week or so, depending on the amount of other things to do and if a game has really captivated me or not.
It has changed greatly over the years. When I was an undergrad with no girlfriend, it could be 4+ hours a day. Now that I'm in grad school with a fiancee, I'm lucky to get that much in during a week. I can't complain. She's great and the school has a fantastic program. I just haven't found the right way to make time for games since they're not much of a priority anymore. Still, I miss it and I have quite the backlog building.
More than I probably should and less than I really would like.
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Raptr emailed me with the data that I spent about 56 hours in Resident Evil 6 last week. I only got it a few weeks ago, and the in game counter is just over 200 hours. So at least for this particular game I've been putting in around an average of 50 hours a week it seems.

I don't feel like I've been playing any more or any less lately than usual. The only real difference is I've spent that long on the one game. Usually I'd have been through several in that amount of time I would expect.
I'm going to die of sitting too much.
Too many LOL
Slightly less hours than if i had a job