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Oh this is fun. Well, I've had this name since the before time, in the long, long ago when aol and AIM were things people used. I rowed in high school (and later college) hence crew, and I was reading Clockwork Orange and really liked the word droog which meant friend. So there you go. Rowing Friend.
Post edited August 17, 2014 by Crewdroog
It's my real name translated to latin. I first used it in a Play-By-Mail game back in the nineties.
It used to be a unique name, but some years ago a challenger appeared on a Google search; some minister or something from Indonesia or therabouts.
There are lots of people on GOG from the Czech Republic or otherwise from Slavic backgrounds and this is something I have often been asked and will often be asked again. Keeping my link handy. :)