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Simple story : my real name is Valdo , but my friends call me always Valts. 007 thats was just random number for me (I am not Bond movies fan)
I used a completely random letter generator.
Initials plus middle name which is Walter. I don't like to make up a fake name but I also don't want to make it easy for people who type your full name into Google (which is what everyone does nowadays, and by everyone I mean that in a Norman Stansfield kinda way)

So the motto with this username is "nothing but the truth but not the entire truth" which makes sense because even if you stand by everything you write online, your opinion changes and evolves over time so using your entire name is not overly advisable unless it's your own website.
I wonder if I should have picked this username though because several other people appear to have the same username on the net, including a 79-year-old man in Indianapolis who is looking for girls aged 30-75 on SinglesBee. I'd just like to point out that's not me :)
It consists of two words, obviously. Dedo and Porno. Lots of people mistakenly assume it means "Finger Porn" (in Spanish dedo means finger), but in reality the idea is different.

I started to use that name during the Christmas holidays some 15 years ago while playing Counter strike. There were lots of players named Santa Clause (which in my language sounds more like "Grandpa Christmas"), so I decided to be obnoxious and played as "Grandpa Porno" instead. Everyone thought the name was funny, so it stuck :)
I honest to god don't even remember how
My mother wanted a composting bin. I got the site name wrong. Instead of "Getcomposting", I thought it was "Getcomposted".
I spent a couple of fustrating hours trying to figure out why I couldn't get the site up, and this was still in the age of dialup, before I looked at the leaflet again.
Yes, with hindsight, I should have realised no one in their right mind wants to get composted, rather than get composting.
It tickled my funnybone, and I've been using it ever since.
It's a name I've had for a good number of years.
The simpsons, that scene is super funny.
I dont remember ima so drunjk
He who dwells in deep waters.. maybe in search of R'lyeh? Who knows, who knows...
I got mine from the world's best Grade 4 joke.
Mortal Kombat. Specifically the movie-hence Rayden and not Raiden.

I've had it since 1997 when I went to sign up for a hotmail account. I tried rayden, rayden5 (my lucky number), rayden4 (my second lucky number), and then when that was taken too just lumped them together. Been rayden54 ever since.
hummer has been my nickname for a long, long time. Before the Internet (well, not before the invention of the Internet, but before the prevalence of the Internet). Before the SUV (not before the M998 Humvee, but before the Hummer).

When I was a wee little gaffer, I played hockey, like any good Canadian did. One time, when I was about 12 or 13, I used the phrase "I'd like a hummer from her" to refer to a certain sexual act. None of the other kids on the team had heard said word in that context before. I had to explain what I meant. And thus a nickname that spanned a decade of hockey was born.

Just like rayden54, the 010 comes from hotmail in the late 90's.
Not much to tell, I picked the name after a movie by Akira Kurosawa, or, to be more precise, after its title character, a ronin who called himself Tsubaki Sanjūrō.
Oh, and "Sanjūrō" means "thirty-year-old man" in Japanese, that's another reason.