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high rated
...for exaple gifting 3 games of 5,99 $ to the first three person who will post here (one per each person) :)
Fine by me :-)
I'm always up for a free game.
And congratulations :)
WrathOfTheAngels: How can I celebrate my 1000 days on GoG?
When I noticed the topic I actually started to look for a youtube video instead of actually entering it and reading.
Here you are:
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a plan with no drawbacks
WrathOfTheAngels: ...for exaple gifting 4 games of 5,99 $ to the first 4 persons who will post here (one per each person) :)
woah man thanks!
aaahw why not 5 :( i always come too late... (looks with puppy eyes)

but grats
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Oh yeah, where are my manners, I forgot to say above congratulation on your 1000 days with GOG.
Happy 1000 WrathOfTheAngels...And many millenia more! :D
How about 1000 games, one for every day ? :D

Happy 1000 gog days!
*hits green '+' button on WrathOfTheAngels post*

Happy 1000!
happy 1000 days welcome to the club
Happy Kday WrathOfTheAngels
Happy K-Day.

I do only know one cool way to celebrate this... that you gift me the rest of the whole catalgue ;)

Just kidding :)
I dont want anything
Happy anniversary! :-D
Thank you to you all :)

So winners are :

Pm me :)