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Edit: Contest closed. Our winner is Prydeless. Congrats to Prydeless and thanks to all who participated.

I like American football. But, when it comes to the Super Bowl, I'm ambivalent. One reason is that my favorite team (the Eagles) never wins the darn thing. Then there are the ten-hour long 'pre-game' shows. And the halftime entertainment 'extravaganzas'. Sure, I watch the game. But it can be pretty wearisome.

So, of course I've tied a game giveaway to it.

There are four teams left competing for the championship. I will list the teams below in order of current odds-favorite to win. Choose a team from those four. If the team you've selected wins the Super Bowl on February 3rd, you will be entered into a final random drawing. The winner of the final drawing gets a game of their choice from the GOG catalogue valued at $9.99 or less. Some rules:

1. One entry per person. Do not edit your entry. If you have something else to say, or correct, do it in another post. There are still two conference championship games to be played before the Super Bowl and I can't be arsed figuring out if an entry was editted before or after those games took place.

2. Entires will be received up until kickoff of the first conference champioship game. That is, Sunday, January 20 at 3:00 PM eastern time. Entires after this time will not be considered for qualification.

The eligible remaining teams in order of odds-favoritism as of this post:

New England Patriots
San Francisco 49ers
Atlanta Falcons
Baltimore Ravens

Good luck!
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I'm tempted to say Ravens, just because of their name, but I will say San Francisco.

I'm just a casual watcher now and then, but I remember rooting for SF in college and getting a date out of it from a girl who bet me they wouldn't win. So what the H, I'll pick them again!
Not in, I know nothing about American Football, but I wanted to say thanks for your giveaway, and also a +1 for you! ^_^
I know nothing about American football, so here is a random pick, only because I like Barry Manilow's Weekend in New England: New England Patriots. If I am disqualified because I know nothing of American football, I do not mind. Thanks for the giveaway.
Not in, but thanks HomerSimpson for another giveaway. +1
No one gets disqualified for a lack of knowledge towards American football. In fact, I listed the teams in odds-order to assist those who don't follow the sport. Of course, if everyone bets on the favorites (in this case, New England) the final drawing pool grows larger if they happen to win. But that's the chance one takes. :)
Not entering, but oh boy would I like the 49 ers to win it - would remind me of the Montanna / Rice days :D
I am an NFL junkie, it is my religeon this time of year, which means my pick is altogether as reliable as someone who has never seen a game, especially this time of year! I'm still trying to figure out that Broncos oh man oh man.

Anyway I'm taking the New England Patriots because they are the only team left with a Super Bowl winning coach and Q.B. and because they are at home for the conference championship and because Atlanta who will probably face them in the big game has no pass rush and that is the ONLY way to slow Brady down.

Oh and a warning to everyone out there, I'm an even bigger baseball fan. You think I'm annoying now, wait till spring training!
Not entering. I want the Ravens to win because of The Blind Side, but I think the Patriots are going to finally win it again.
My vote goes with New England.

Thanks for the chance.
I don't know anything about football so I'll just say the Ravens because of Moe Syzlack.

thanks btw.
Well considering I watch very little football and the New England Patriots have the highest chance I guess I'll go with them.

Also thanks for the giveaway.
Post edited January 15, 2013 by Dademolee
Oh, and for those of you in the "Not in, but..." camp, if you've named a team you're in whether you like it or not.

So yes, Ian, you're in for the 49ers. Prydeless, you're in for the Ravens.

Triock, you didn't name a team. But you're in because you always bump my giveaways. Name a team or you get the Patriots by default.

Azrael360, you're in, too. Posting in this thread is like stepping in quicksand. Once in, there's no escape. Muahahahaha! You, too, get the Patriots unless you specify otherwise.

Now, I'll have no more of this 'Not entering...." stuff. Don't make me keep making these kinds of posts. :)
I randomly picked one of the teams from the list:

Atlanta Falcons
Entry: Falcons

My teams are out. The choice of the Falcons came as instinct.. or indigestion. Thanks for adding an extra level of interest to the games Homer.