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Congratulations Prydeless!

Thanks for the giveaway Homer - it made me take more notice of the Superbowl than I normally would have, and I enjoyed it. It's one hell of a spectacle even if you're not a sports fan.
I couldn't see the game, was it good ? :-)

btw, congrats Prydeless and thanks again Homer :-)
I can hardly believe I actually chose the winning team. Way to go, Mr. Random! Seems like I'm better at this when Spain isn't around.
Congrats to Prydeless and thanks to HomerSimpson for the awesome giveaway! Also congrats to the new Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens!
Homer, hope you enjoyed the game and thanks again for a really fun giveaway.

Congrats Prydeless.

Sorry Thespian, will keep trying.
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Woohoo! In your face, 49ers! Thank you very much Homer and everyone. Finally won something because of the Super Bowl xD