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count me in.

thanks HomerSimpson!
I'm in
Reporting for duty ...
In, thank you for the giveaway!
Lifthrasil: Let's test the theory that the first post never wins. In and thank you!
It's going to be very hard to determinate whether the notion is true or it was just bad luck on your part, unless you get chosen of course.

I OTOH wanna check the rule that even people who post "not in" are participating anyway, therefore: NOT IN, and thanks Homer.
Count me in, please. Thanks!
Having a drink and hoping for the best...
I'm in,thanks Homer!

I would like to be in, in that case. Thank you for the giveaway.
Thanks, Homer!
Dropping my name in the proverbial hat again!
Thanks for the chance Homer :-)
I'll participate, thank you Homer.
Saunters through the saloon doors wearing a cowgirl hat canted charmingly to one side ;-)
Thanks Homer, I'm in.