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high rated
Edit: Contest closed. Our winner is Reever.

Inspired by the continued generosity of xyem and Ian, I have decided to create another weekly giveaway for our community (hence, contemptibly derivative). The winner is randomly determined and will receive a $5.99 game of their choice from the catalogue. The winner will be announced some time on Sunday (exact time dependent on internet access that particluar week and the completion of the other two giveaways).

To be eligible:

1. Post. Even if you post 'not in', you're in.

2. Yes, you can gift your winnings.

3. You must have entered the giveaways of xyem, Ian, or both for the given week. They've been displaying their generosity for a long time and deserve the recognition for it.

4. If you are fortunate enough to have won either xyem's or Ian's giveaway for the given week, you cannot claim the prize for this draw for yourself. You can either gift it to someone else or I will re-draw (hence the last chance saloon).

Good luck!
Post edited April 09, 2013 by HomerSimpson

Another extremely generous forum member.

I enter Xyems and Ian's giveaways every week, won both of them at some point earlier this year or over Christmas last year, generous guys :)

SO count me in for your draws now also :)
Nice, I'm in for Dungeon Keeper. Thanks for the giveaway
Thanks,I'm in for Clive Barker's Undying :)
I'm in, thanks.
April's Fool entry, or something like that.
Here! Thanks, Homer!
Thanks Homer. I'm in for Enclave.
Thanks for the giveaway!+1
Thanks Homer!
I'm in for Ghost Master =)
Posting "Not in" so that I can be in.
Easter In thx +1 as always for the generosity
tinyE: 8===>
Still basking in the afterglow of Louisville's victory, are we? :-)