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Because we like you so, we have a gift for you.

A while back, we started to sell EA games--great classics such as Wing Commander, Privateer, and Alpha Centauri. A few people--just a few!--noted that we didn't have the expansions and that made them sad panda.

Well, panda, be sad no more! As a holiday gift from us to you, we're bringing everyone who bought (or buys in the future!) the expansions for Wing Commander 1 + 2, Wing Commander Privateer, and Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri for you today! These expansions are free updates, so just download the new installers for each game from your account and start playing now! Note that these EA games will not be part of any Daily Deal bundle, so go ahead and pick them up now for only $2.99 each.

The expansions are:
Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri--Sid Meier's Alien Crossfire.
Sid Meier's Alien Crossfire brings you seven new factions (two that are non-human), new technologies, new facilities, new secret projects, new alien life forms, new unit special abilities, new victory conditions (including the new "Progenitor Victory") and several additional concepts and strategies, making it a "must-have" expansion for the award-winning game.

Wing Commander 1 + 2--Wing Commander: The Secret Missions, Wing Commander: The Secret Missions 2 Crusade, Wing Commander II: Special Operations 1, Wing Commander II: Special Operations 2.
The Wing Commander expansions bring new missions, new ships, a new storyline, and an increase in difficulty in The Secret Missions, and in Secret Missions 2: Crusade, we see a whole new alien race, a new challenge, and a mysterious defection all raising the stakes of both the game's storytelling and its combat. In Wing Commander II: Special Operations 1 we see a layered web of deceit, lies, betrayal, and action all bringing that trademarked Wing Commander cinematic feel, while Special Operations 2 sees the player ambushed while escorting a traitor, and soon the player (as Col. Blair) will find himself undertaking one of his most dangerous missions of all: an undercover one infiltrating the very traitors he was escorting in the first place!

Wing Commander Privateer--Privateer Righteous Fire.
Finally, in Righteous Fire the player squares off against a crazy fundamentalist sect called the Retros as the open-ended space sim world's story continues with more action, ships, and missions to keep player occupied for hours.

A special thanks goes out to Paul Barnett and Jeff Skalski at Mythic (@MythicNews) for their help getting these add-ons secured (finally!) and available to you. :)
Gazoinks: The only one of these I have is SMAC, but this is awesome all the same. Woo! I hope the Bullfrog stuff is next. :D

(Also, my Might and Magic 6-pack appears to have been updated. Anyone know why?)
JudasIscariot: Speech versions of M&M 4 and 5 were added. Just a guess though :D
Wait World of Xeen is now the talkie version? Sweetness(goes off to re-install WOX)
JudasIscariot: Speech versions of M&M 4 and 5 were added. Just a guess though :D
DCT: Wait World of Xeen is now the talkie version? Sweetness(goes off to re-install WOX)
Yes, yes it (or is it they since it is made of 2 M&M games smooshed into one?) is :D
¿Alien Crossfire for free...? I´m crying now.
Thanks, GOG.
Gave thanks to GOG, Paul Barnett and Jeff Skalski via tweet on Twitter. :)

Definitely is a great update/surprise. I've seen numerous people ask through this forum and on the GOG Facebook page for the expansions.
Emotion | Gratitude
But now foolish ape things.
Action required | Surrender.
And now I'll grab the Wing Commander games. Yay!
Great news. Alpha Centauri is finally as it deserves to be. :)
dirtyharry50: Also, I notice there is a 2.0 installer for the Windows versions of Wing Commander 1 & 2, Privateer and Crusader No Remorse but the Mac Installers still display as version 1.0.0. Did the Mac versions get the expansions as well?

Lastly Wing Commander 3 which is sizable, has a 2.0.0 installer but there's no indication for any of these games on the shelf as to what they include for expansions. Maybe i need to check the store pages to find out?

Edit: Checked and found Wing Commander 1 & 2 store page tells about the included expansions. Checked Wing Commander 3 but no changes to store page there.

Also noticed Wing Commander IV has a 2.0.0 installer.

This is awesome but it would be even more awesome if I knew what some of the games got with upgraded installers.
Well, Wing Commander 3 and 4 never had any addons, so that can't be it. HOWEVER, with the addons for WC and WC 2 accounted for, the Terran-Kilrathi War is finally here in its entirety, :) Righteous Fire and Alien Crossfire are much appreciated, as well!

A big thank you goes to both EA and GOG for making this happen. You guys are awesome!!
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Woah, this is a big surprise for me lol. Thanks GOG :). Now just bring the Ghost Recon expansions, I don't care if I have to pay for those though. The expansions are paramount since they are required for the vast amount of mods out there.
Woot, I own all 3 of these. Thanks GOG!

The only present I asked my wife for this year was a USB flight joystick so I could play the Wing Commander and Freespace games that I bought from GOG (...and maybe the X series as well, if I get around to it.).

My PlayStation-style gamepad just doesn't cut it for space sims.
Well, in support of this move, I have now finally gotten around to getting Alpha Centauri - my first purchase on the GOG sale.

Will I ever get around to playing it? The world will never know.
best news all week. fantastic job, GOG. took you long enough, but i'm glad you got round to it.

next up, Dungeon Keeper, please.
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Awesome new indeed! I've been waiting patiently for SMAX since SMAC was released here on GOG. I can't believe I'm actually saying this but, Thanks, EA!
IN SHORT: Whereas other services might have tried to make a buck or two off these highly worthwhile expansions for popular games, GOG includes them as a free update.

That's exactly why I buy as many games through GOG as possible - when you guys say you're committed to your customers, you really mean it. Not only do you listen to those users who buy games and suggest how you can improve the experience, but when you offer an update with new content or goodies, you offer it uniformly and without any expectation of extra cash.

Also, I love the fact that when people buy "The Witcher" 1 or 2 through another service, they can redeem it on GOG as well. You guys go out of your way to be awesome!
Thanks for the free Alpha Centauri expansion, I just bought Alpha Centauri few days back. :)