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Santa came early!

Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition, the legendary FPS in which the Earth's greatest hero provides a steady flow of bullets and badass one-liners, is available on, for the low price of one smile, for the next 48 hours. That's not all. For the first time in history, this supreme space-alien slaughter simulation is also available on Mac!

The Mayans have warned us: the world is in grave danger. Some think it's going to be a giant meteor, a solar storm, a super-volcano, or a lethal plague. But the gamers of planet Earth know better than that! That's right. We know the real truth. We're onto you, space-aliens. We've seen through your plot. Pretending that you don't exist, hiding your massive fleet near Uranus, and planning to strike on 12.21.12. So you think you can invade our planet and live to tell the story to your slimy bug-eyed grandmaggots? Well, think again. We've got Duke Nukem. And what have you got? Lasers? Plasma cannons? Mutant beasts? Deathrays? You make us laugh. Ha. Ha.

Have you seen Duke Nukem 1+2, the classic run-and-gun platformers? That's how the legend began. Just a few years later, its successor Duke Nukem 3D became a milestone in the development of the FPS genre, and an unquestioned highlight in its protagonist's career. Never before and never after have we witnessed such an unprecedented mix of explosive action, comedic brilliance, and sheer badassdom. In the department of pure awesomeness, Duke Nukem 3D holds the crown, and so it shall be--forever. With creative level design, memorable foes, unique weapons, and an iconic outspoken hero, this game is a true monument to gaming fun. The Atomic Edition lets you duke it out even longer, as it contains the bonus fourth episode, complete with a new weapon and previously unseen enemies!

Now you can witness all the badass FPS magnificence of Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition for free, both on Windows and (for the first time ever!) on Mac OSX, so come get some! Hurry up, though--the offer won't last FOREVER. In fact, WHEN IT'S DONE, it's done. That will be Friday, December 14, at 14:59 GMT.

Happy atomic holidays from team!
thank you
Thankyou for the Christmas present GOG :)
Thanks for another free game gog.
Already own it. But nice move GOGies!
Just giftet it to two people who will have a lot of fun here.

Thank You!
Thank you GOG, this is amazing! :))))
SimonG: I just want to mention that if you like this game, Duke Nukem 4ever isn't really as bad as people say it is. You can probably get it for very little money over Christmas. Keep an eye out for it.
*checks out*
Thank you!
reaver894: Game owned

No smile from me Mr GoG
te_lanus: Wonder if they'll gift us Duke 1+2 for those who already own it :D
im guessing no

Come on GoG prove me wrong, i dare ya :-P
Thanks GOG !
Kocham was chłopaki :D
dirtyharry50: Was the Mac release for Duke done for today's giveaway? I don't recall it having come to OS X here yet. I keep a list of such info you know! Either I missed it before or you guys just did this.

My reaction was oh noes! I already have the Duke but then oh yes! It installs on OS X now! Thanks GOG in any case.
G-Doc: Yes, today marks our release of the Mac version of the game. It wasn't available up until now.
Thank you very much. This is a nice holiday surprise! I am eagerly looking forward to more Mac releases here. And I am very thankful for all the ones you've done so far. I just installed the first 3 Ultima games the other day and I was so impressed with the install and the beautiful icons and how well they worked when I fired them up. Awesome!
Come get some!
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Absolutely amazing! This game was on my wishlist for a while. Thank You!
mistermumbles: Can't say I'm surprised that it was yet another game I already owned, but I knew it was about a 50/50 chance for that. That said, it's still a very fun shooter in its own right. I actually started replaying it for the nth time recently. Good times. :)

dirtyharry50: My reaction was oh noes! I already have the Duke but then oh yes! It installs on OS X now! Thanks GOG in any case.
mistermumbles: While I usually don't care for these fanmade updates I actually would recommend eDuke32 for playing the game these days. It does play so much smoother. So much so that when going back to Blood and Shadow Warrior it's a little bit jarring. Note of caution though: stay away from using its 3d models since they're fugly as all hell; the original sprites still look soooo much better. Anyway, I also recommend dialing up the difficulty level if you do go for eDuke as the slightly modernized controls make the game somewhat easier.
Thanks. I will have to check that out sometime. For my first run through though I think I want to experience Duke in his original glory. :D
Thanks GOG! Much appreciated!