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justanoldgamer: I won, I won!

First I'd like to thank my parents who eventually stopped telling me to go play outside, then my firend, you know who you are, who'd invite us to his house to watch him play video games, GOG without whom this wouldn't be possible, the Dosbox web site where I first heard of GOG, the ROA developpers... what do you mean my time is over? it's a little sooner than I expected. I had this whole section on civic pride...
BreOl72: That actually made me lol. ;)
The last two sentences are from the mayor speech in the season 3 final episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer just before he transformed in a giant snake.
I already own Realms Of Arkania 1+2. Doesn't everyone?

Test completed. Thanks for the free games.
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Just completed the test.
When my PC sees how big Witcher 3 is it will probably curl up and die:(
It was fast and I got the games, thanks a lot!
Would this test be ok to run from a Linux Live CD on chrome?
Already had the games, here you go:

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Thanks for the game, test completed, hope it helps
It's nice be a part of this =]
Thanks for game, but i already own it.
Done. Thanks GOG.
Won the game, but own it already.
JetGumRadio: Would this test be ok to run from a Linux Live CD on chrome?
If it has Flash in its packages, yes.
Thanks for the free game, another game to the collection :)
Thank you GOG - I haven't got these games and I am now dead chuffed that I have :) Hope the test helped too.
If it helps, why not.
And thanks for another copy of the game (i can't count how many times i have it on different CD's/DVD's).