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Yay, thanks for the games :)
Shameless bump to keep this topic visible... so everyone interested can get the chance to win a free game of course. ;)
In the weekend I only had a mobile connection and I was not sure that I make it, so Leroux kindly provided me with a key. But since then I'm back in town and could do the test thus I have a spare copy. PM me if anyone has missed out.
Here's another one:

Already had it, so here you go!

Already have it also.

Test didn't work, just sat there for 10 minutes with the cursor going round and round and round. Disabled flashblock and noscript.
Awesomeness! Thanks for the great free game!!!
HiImZech: here's a new one: U6CDMNSH
Thanks a lot!

I already have these games in the German original, but trying them in the translated English version might be interesting.
Thank you very much.
Where is it supposed to be... ? Already removed or I missed the link or something?
Hi there, cant find the link... Did I miss it?
Yes, the test is over - we have enough data.

Edit: redeemed.
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