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As our community grows around the world, it is very important for us to make sure that your download speeds are as good as possible, in every country and for every provider. We're currently benchmarking multiple download location and servers, and to make sure that we have a good sample of worldwide results, we do need your help.

Below you will find a simple test that requires just one click and won't take more than 2 minutes of your time to complete:

(tests concluded)

We highly appreciate your help here. And as a bonus, for every test completed, you get a chance to win a free code for Realms of Arkania 3 - so re-tryring the test from another computer or location increases your chance for the freebie. :)
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JMich: How much is the chance approximately? Should I go grab a lotto ticket or not?
It's 50:50, either you win, or not ;)
JMich: Not sure if joking, or actual chances -_-
Where would be the fun if you'd know the chances... ;)
Thespian*: A pity it's necessary Adobe Flash Player 11 as I'm in front of a public library's PC without administrator rights to install it. I'll try tomorrow at a friend's house... ;)
Actually this is the first (and hopefully the last) time that we used Flash on Technical issues :(
Thespian*: I'm sure the chances are 100%, indeed... :D
Just a hunch, knowing GOG boys and girls... ;)
We're easy, but not that easy
ErekoseDM: the link however has not worked for me at all besides the circle of infinite spins.
What browser are you using? And what addons do you have installed (any that could block flash elements from initialising)?
Rochard: I'm really not interested in the game but I'll gladly help you with your speed test. Will you get useful data if I keep doing the test say every 20-30 minutes? Got the entire day off today so I'm not moving an inch. :P
Redoing the test 3-4 times at different time of the day will surely help, but no need for retrying it every 20-30 minutes :).

Basically we're trying to gather as many unique samples as possible. Different ISPs / cities / countries is what we're looking for in the first place, so if you can ask your friends to do the test as well, it would be most appreciated (btw, only logged in users get a chance to win the game :)
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ErekoseDM: flashblock usually has a popup where i can click to enable flash on an instance by instance. (videos show up with a symbol i can click to enable) and the main button showed up with no problem.
We don't have any visible flash elements on the page, the whole interface is in html, we just have a hidden flash element to handle the download itself, that's probably the cause of the problem for you.

You might consider adding to white list for all your blockers, as we don't have any external ads, and just a few embedded videos in news posts and gamecards (no flash content otherwise).
rocketsurgeon666: I think it would be a bit more rewarding, or at least interesting, if your test would show ME some data as well.
The test only collects very raw simple data, so there isn't much to show there.
hedwards: You mean that flash is technically the most evil thing to ever show up on the web?
Sounds about right ;)
cbean85: I know it's been asked before, but is it possible to win a second code to give away? I did this at work and I would like to do it at home, too.
Feel free to retry the test (actually the more unique testing samples we get from different ISPs / places / cities, the better) but after you've won the code, you will see the same code on your retries.

If you want a an extra code for giveaway, simply invite your friend(s) to GOG instead - they will get the free game and we will get a new result, so it's a win-win :)
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predcon: I know what it's like to have a crappy connection (I've upgraded in the past few months), so I'd still want to provide as much information as I can. What's the deadline for this test?
We will be concluding the test on Monday or Tuesday most likely (TBD)

predcon: Additionally, I was able to run multiple tests from the same browser on the same computer, within minutes of each other, even though it says 'try again in a few hours'. Is 'a few hours' a suggested time frame, or was I not supposed to be able to run another test thirty seconds after the last.
While we're looking into getting as many as possible "unique tests" (unique per ISP / city / country), retrying the test from the same computer few times within minutes or hours isn't any deal breaker for us - quite frankly, this way we will be able to determine how your download speeds per different server locations depend on the time of the day / how stable it is on the retires vs the original results.
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We've concluded our downloads quality testing. Thanks to everyone who participated!