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Did the test and got the game. Thanks, GOG!
Done! Quite a slick little testing page you have there.
It could be improved with the addition of a dancing 8-bit sprite guy when the tests are on :p
...though I guess that could be said of most things.
Test done. Thank you for the gift and congratulations for the design of the test page :)
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Took the test and got lucky right away.

Thank you GOG.
Thank you for such nice gift :)
Tested, and I won a copy too thanks :)
Tested, and I won a copy too thanks :)
Thanks for the giveaway. I'll keep trying. :)
Thank you, GOG! :D
Thank you for the free game - I was glad to help.
Ran the test. Very easy to run and I won as well!!
thank you for arkania 3 :)
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Thank you for the game GOG!