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didn't win, but glad I could help
EDIT: Nevermind, can disregard the paragraph to follow. i've run three tests and got three codes but all are same code so no worries :) Apologies BlueMooner for sending you a redeemed code.
i ran the test a second time some hours late and got a second code. If it helps to test at different times of day i will. But had figured that it'd be only one code per person. Can give them away but don't want to deter anyone else from participating. Does it cause any accounting error or other hassle if users get a bunch of codes but don't use them? And if we give them out after the test concludes, is that a notable hit to finances?
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Won the game on my first try. Thank you very much GOG! :)
Will do the test again tomorrow from another machine with a different connection.
Got it on the second try.
Thank you so much, GOG! <3
I haven't read the whole thread, so I don't know if anyone else has mentioned it, but the progress percentage at the bottom of the test page is off by a wide margin.
Thank you very much! Lucky on 2nd try. Great game.
I can always appreciate a free game.. but you know what, GOG?

It'd be really freaking nice if you emailed us instead of assuming we'll discover it here on the forums. If I hadn't looked into another thread and someone mentioned this, I'd have never known. I feel that this is why I never see most of your surveys.
One shot, one kill : )
Thanks, GOG!
Thank you for the free game!
Done and got the game; thanks GOG.

(Also, re: Wishbone, percentages were exactly right for me...)
Woo! Thanks guys. :D
Thespian*: A pity it's necessary Adobe Flash Player 11 as I'm in front of a public library's PC without administrator rights to install it. I'll try tomorrow at a friend's house... ;)
Venom: Actually this is the first (and hopefully the last) time that we used Flash on Technical issues :(
You mean that flash is technically the most evil thing to ever show up on the web? Because that's my most technicalist reason for hating flash.
Yes! Another winner. Thanks for the game.
Not sure what the odds are, but I got mine with just one try! Now I have the entire Realms of Arkania series from freebies!