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ZarkonDrule: For all those having problems - I noticed it uses flash to run, so I fixed it by disabling flash blocker, so if you run that extension give it a whirl.
Genius. Thanks, it works now.
Done, and also a winner on my first test :) Thanks GOG!
Ooh, I won! Yaaay!

That was 2 minutes well spent :3
Got it from the first try. Thank you GOG.
Venom: Below you will find a simple test that requires just one click and won't take more than 2 minutes of your time to complete:
You don't have to be shy about it.
Why not change the webpage to display the server locations and reported transfer rates and latency. This will benefit also some of the users and not only you.
What were you thinking?
Cool, hope we were of some use.
Didn't work.

Then I read the posts here and realized I had to enable Flash...

And it worked! Got the game, too.
Nice, got the RoA3.

Might give it another go at home so they'll get a more representative set. (Since the DL speed at work is through the roof...)
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It took me nearly 10 tries, but I finally got it! :D

Now GOG has gifted me the entire trilogy! Thank you! :)
Yay, won on 2nd try !
Got lucky on my first try. Much appreciated.
Thanks, GOG. I expected the test to take longer, but that was not the case.
ive done this link 5 times to try to getting it to work; all failures.

first 3 i was up past 45 mins and it was still spinning circle of nothing. (no alt online things eating up bandwidth nor other users on the wifi)

updated flash after reading a few responses on here.

2 more rounds of infinite circle of spinning. (with the latest flash)

i can download install files from gog and add on zips (wallpaper, manual, etc) with no issue. the link however has not worked for me at all besides the circle of infinite spins.
ErekoseDM: the link however has not worked for me at all besides the circle of infinite spins.
What browser are you using? And what addons do you have installed (any that could block flash elements from initialising)?
I'm really not interested in the game but I'll gladly help you with your speed test. Will you get useful data if I keep doing the test say every 20-30 minutes? Got the entire day off today so I'm not moving an inch. :P