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Thank you - i have just taken the test and been lucky :)

on a side note, I bought 5 games today in the sale, and the download connection was solid as ever. Sometimes its not only the speed, but the realiability of the connection.

Thank you again, Ian
Done the test and got a code. Shame I already have Realms of Arkania 3 (I didnt read the game thing. whoops).
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Is it helpful if I run the test at the same location but with machines running different OS?
I don't particularly care if I win RoA 3 or not as I found the first two a bit too hardcore and steep on the learning curve, but i'll gladly help out with testing if it will help with download quality.

Downloads are usually fine on my end, I get about 1500 to 1900 KB/sec in download speed. On occasion my downloads will start well below 1000 KB/sec, but if I restart the download a few times it usually clears up, this is using Google Chrome browser by the way. I've only ever had one corrupted download in my entire history with GOG, it was with Sacred Gold, but that happened almost 3 years ago.

You mentioned providers, would it help if you knew the name of my internet provider as well?
Tried the test twice, but it runs endlessly. But in my case you're running through China's Great Firewall, so that might be the problem.
I gave it a whirl. It ran fine. I didn't win this time, but I can try again later.
Thanks!! I will keep buying from this great company. GOG.COM FOREVER
Thanks GOG for the game!
Did the test from all my PC's multiple times to help out. Thanks for the game too!
For all those having problems - I noticed it uses flash to run, so I fixed it by disabling flash blocker, so if you run that extension give it a whirl.
Didn't really want to turn off the Flashblock in my Firefox, so I ran it with vanilla Chrome instead. Thanks, GOG.
thanks GoG for the great customer service and the free game just for testing my speeds :)
Thanks, got it on the first try (50% is more than good enough for a chance to hit).
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Best customer service EVER!
So is the test broken in Chrome? I only get a "THIS TEST HAS FINISHED" message, it doesn't say if I get a code or not.

I finally got a code on my fourth try though. Thanks!
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