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I opened a ticket back on the 19th of last month that still has not been responded to.
Maybe it's not a functioning feature yet?
Either way, as far as I know, most people post their support questions on the forum.
Nope, I've asked a question about F/A-18 Super Hornet and didn't get any answer.
Yes, once, but it was a billing issue on my end.
Yes, I had a login problem and they answered very quickly.
Nope, but it was a question widely answered in the forums, that I didn't access before. So, my bad :-P
rno2: Yes, I had a login problem and they answered very quickly.

Same here.
I have submitted 4 times and gotten a reply to one of my mails. To be fair, a couple were about the site and another about how to improve possible sales, so they likely did not deem a reply was needed.
They always answered my feedback, mostly bug reports.
Sent two report/questions about failure of my credit card transaction to execute. It took a couple days for them to get to the first question, but they answered my next one further developing that first question within 24 hours. Slow start, but pretty decent overall.
I had a problem with downloading my purchases and they responded within 2 days. They even notified me when they thought the problem had been resolved on their side.
So far, I'm impressed with customer service support.
I wrote them about a game problem and they responded in a few days. I think this is quick enough.
my first questions / bug reports were answered promptly. later questions / bug reports were never answered, but the problems were soon fixed. so i guess that guys just do their job quietly and silently :)
rno2: Yes, I had a login problem and they answered very quickly.
kiva: Same here.

Ditto. I had a problem signing in because I was reusing my access key to "sign in" every time, because if the cookie holding my "beta user" status got cleared it was the only way to access a login page. I dunno what was wrong, as GoG is on my cookie whitelist, but I haven't had a problem since.
I got my reply today, thank you support :)