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DrIstvaan: Nice of you to do this again!
Are the pics taken from screens on the game cards of the games, or are they taken randomly from the games, hence the "more challenging" part?

These are all screens made randomly from the games - so yes, it's a challenge :)
Cook: These are all screens made randomly from the games - so yes, it's a challenge :)
Wolfox: A HUGE one, since sometimes games have similar presentations. Perhaps a few hints would be in order? I don't think anyone can get all of those right (I may be wrong, of course).

If we won't receive many (or any) replies, we'll think of some hints :)
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Prator: ...
Ralackk: Could you please edit my email address so it reads relic_voodoo-AT-hotmail-DOT-com? Just helps stop the spambots from picking it up.

Done :)
After the weekend we haven't received any email with the complete list of games shown on the screenshots! I told you it's a challenge, didn't I? :)
It seems you have the biggest problems with screens number 1 and number 5. That's why we're giving you a small hint: 2 new screenshots for these games. Hope that will help. I'm waiting for the correct answers :)
It's time to announce the lucky winners of "Guess these games" contest. It took a while before you got them all right (actually all good answers were sent yesterday :)), but you made it. Before we announce the winners, let's reveal which games have been hidden on the screens.
Screen 1: The Feeble Files
Screen 2: Iron Storm
Screen 3: Soldiers: Heroes of World War II
Screen 4: FlatOut
Screen 5: Ghost Master
And the three lucky users who sent us correct list of games are: Lukaszthegreat, Ralackk and kasiamac24. Congratulations, you'll find the codes for a free game in your mailbox soon. Thank you all for participating!