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Might end up getting this more for the bonuses than the games/music offerred (have Survivor Squad already). Is Lucius or the graphic novel any good? (the music Collide aside doesnt appeal)
HypersomniacLive: I don't get it, why doesn't it?
Psyringe pretty much explained my point. Of course, I usually perceive the the info cards as being accurate, so if it only says "Steam", my buying the game will depend on whether already own it on Steam or not. I don't go looking in the chat to find out if a DRM-free download will be added later and unless someone mentions it here, I've missed something I might have been interested in.
But yeah, "we will try to include DRM-free versions in the future if possible" does sound like a generic reply you'd get from support. I too would be interested to know games for which DRM-free downloads were added some time after a Groupees bundle went live.

Psyringe: I think Darko's point is that it's not very useful to advertise a game as "may have a DRM-free download eventually, but we can't guarantee it", since the customers who are interested in a DRM-free version would not pick that game in a build-a-bundle if there's only a vague chance to get what they really want. I don't think I agree with that argumentation, but that's how I understood it.

The reason why I don't agree is that bundles are so cheap. The customer who wants a DRM-free download, and buys a Steam game that is advertised as "may be getting a DRM-free version eventually, but we can't guarantee it", is taking a gamle.[...]
More or less, but I was thinking situations where the buyer doesn't even know that a certain game "may have a DRM-free download eventually, but we can't guarantee it". Besides, a buyer who doesn't check the chat or participate in a gaming forum, where such information might come up, isn't not likely to hear that (as far as I know). Lucius, for example, is still tagged as a Steam-only game.
jamesbuc: Ooh, DRM-Free Lucious. Nice.

Its also worth noting that 'Survivor Squad' just got greenlit, so steam keys will be brought in when it is on steam :)
skeletonbow: Might not be able to actually download the DRM-free games though unless they have Steam or Desura keys as Groupees is having hard disk problems as of late and people who have bought their previous bundles are now unable to download games that are hosted on Groupees servers due to unavailability. It might work, but beware that they've got a lot of technical issues happening and seem slow to fix them. Hopefully they'll get it sorted out soon though.
The current bundles (and going back bundle-wise to the Build a Doujin Bundle 1) are all back up as far as the DRM-Free stuff is. (One or two OST/Music things being the only exeption)
New bonus goal is The Blind Eye (Graphic Novel) @ 9,500 bundles sold
I just realised this bundle is $1 for the lot LOL....bought!! :D
nijuu: I just realised this bundle is $1 for the lot LOL....bought!! :D
Yeah it's a pretty nice bundle for the graphic novels/music.. kind of lacking for games though. I've been enjoying BlackSoul but it's VERY unpolished. There's a lot of shadow corruption if you're in a house with any sort of lighting, game tends to crash occasionally.. no way to manually change weapons or reload without going into inventory, bad sound effects, zombies kill in 1 hit 80% of the time, etc.

Worst part of the game are the loading screens. There's too many of them and it takes way too long to load. You load every time you enter a door or go into a new area. I'm easy to please when it comes to games like this, but I know a lot of people don't have the patience to deal with it.
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My favorite part of this bundle was the Album by Selene, though the Chiptune Rock was nice as well. I actually didn't mind that there were only 6 games in this bundle (2 of which I owned)
Survivor Squad was launched on Steam and the keys are avaiable.
BlackSoul was recently added to Desura. I asked the dev if we'd receive desura keys, and got this response:

"Yes we have already sent keys to Groupees."

So they should be added to our profiles soon.
BlackSouls desura keys are now up on Groupees.
spoderman: BlackSouls desura keys are now up on Groupees.
That was fast! Kudos to their developer.

I wish I could say the same thing about Fester Mudd game. No Desura key is given even though it's been on Desura for some time. They've given steam keys pretty fast though. Typical!

Same things can be said about Steam Marines. I own the game on Desura (it's on sale there right now). And they didn't update the Desura version to the latest v0.8.3a even though this new version is out since Oct 25! The new version is, however, available on other stores (Humble & Steam). Again very typical! Here is one user's comment on the game's Desura page, posted just 30 mins. ago:

"Buyer's remorse in one second upon learning that the current version is STILL STUCK at 8.2a after over a month. And this with a sale on the Desura landing page? Are you kidding me?!?!

You might as well just sell it on Steam and forget the other distro methods if this is how it's going to be with future updates. This happened with several games on Desura who are more Steam-friendly than anything and I'm getting tired of having my patches held hostage by politics. If I was a Steam user, I wouldn't be here purchasing through Desura. Why pamper them and make everyone else wait for months? Dredmor was infamous for update denial and now this looks like the same type of burnt offerings once again. This is unacceptable, sorry. I want a refund."
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Postmortem - One Must Die (Extended Cut) Steam keys have been added!