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thanks for your generosity...
add me to the list
tinyE: Am I the only one who keeps doing a double when he sees a thread about someone's girlfriend and everyone keeps posting "I'm in!".
GoatBoy: Hey, it's my girlfriend you're talking about!!!

...I'm joking, it was funny :)
I'm glad you thought it was funny but if not please LET ME KNOW! I don't mind being sick and offensive but not when I'm doing to obviously good hearted people so please tell me if you want me to pull the joke and I will. I meant everything in my 1st post BTW.
Congratulations to your girlfriend on her graduation.
I'm in.
Not in.

Botanicula is a great game. This should be the most popular giveaway thread ever. Seriously.
Botanicula BUMP!
Congratulations for the graduation :)

I'm not in :)
Green BUMP
I think it's time for a BUMP!
Either everyone already has this game, or the choice of humble store was not the best :)
Last BUMP!
Is this really, really the last BUMP?
And I'm in ;)

Ok, I'm home. Sorry for the delay, when shit happens it happens for real :)

But I'm glad that Reever was able to reach the giveaway!

Soonish will pick the number, and then I'll have to triangulate the position of the winner :)
uchristensen: Congratulations to your girlfriend on her graduation.
I'm in.
Easy pick: uchristensen, you have a PM :)

Thanks for participating, guys, and Yasmine thanks too :)
Post edited March 11, 2013 by GoatBoy
Congrats uchristensen!
& thank you again for the giveaway GoatBoy!
Congrats uchristensen and thanks again GoatBoy.