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high rated
Hay! My girlfriend graduated in environmental engineering, so I'll make a giveaway.
I have a copy of Botanicula (Windows, Mac and Linux) bought directly from the Amanita Design store. It's a Humble Store Page, that can be "claimed" if you have an account.
Feel free to join, will decide the winner.


edit: oh, the giveaway is open till 5PM of monday, my time (too lazy to check which), I'll pick the winner ASAP. And yes, you can trans-donate the game :)

edit #2: the winner is uchristensen!
Post edited March 11, 2013 by GoatBoy
I'm interested in Botanicula..

Thanks for the giveaway!
Congratulations to your girlfriend =).
I have the game, but thanks for your generosity.

Good luck all!
Congrats to your GF!
Not in, but thanks and +rep.

edit: well, I changed my mind - I'm in, but if I win, can you give it to Azrael360, please? Thank you.
Post edited March 08, 2013 by triock
Not in, but thanks, +1, and congrats to your girlfriend. I'm not exactly sure what an environmental engineer is but it sounds like something the world needs more of :D
In BUT if I win, please give the game to Aniki. +1
not in but congrats to your gf and thanks for you generosity +1
I'm in.
Congratulations for your girlfriend! ^_^

I'm in, and thanks GoatBoy for your generosity :)
Nice game!
Count me in, but trans-donate my entry to this guy above^^, please?

Thank you! (and congratulations to you gf! o/)
Post edited March 08, 2013 by Stooner
In and thanks GoatBoy +1

If i win please give it to Azrael360
Not in, as I've played it, but congrats to your girlfriend! Thanks and +1 for the giveaway. Great game.
Not in, but currently on the European green capital (...of 2012). Eat that, you concrete lovers.
Not in but +1 for an accomplishment and a career path that can only serve to better the world as a whole. I wish I could offer more that a little rep because as fun as this gaming is, it is pretty paultry next to what your girlfriend is doing and my hats off to her.
You guys are so mean, do you want me to be all embarrassed again, like in The Witcher 2 giveaway...? LOL (^_^)
Cheers, and thanks! (^_^)