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Unfortunately, at this point in my life I haven't traveled nearly as much as I would have liked. But I'm starting to catch up a bit. Right now I'd like to see New York, Hong Kong, London and Moscow the most.

But I've been to Paris. What a fucking city. Beautiful, fascinating nightlife, countless museums and sights, the Metro, cinemas, Edith Piaf chansons, good cuisine (although nothing beats Italian cooking, of course), even the cemeteries are great places to visit. And it's surprisingly clean, compared to, say, Berlin.

Obviously there's a lot of very bad stuff going down in the Suburbs and the center is incredible crowded (felt like half of Japan was there), but I'd love to come back someday.

So which cities would you recommend?
As a Parisian :

Rome. Just like your description of Paris, with better climate (hoooott) and twice more churches / cultural places per square meter.
I liked Rome but it struck me more as a place I'd like to visit for a day or five than somewhere I'd actually want to live. Italy for me is all about rural Tuscany and Umbria.
I used to live in London. At the time (mid 90s) I really thought it was pretty great, if expensive. Now I think it's just dirty and expensive, but maybe I'm just old and grumpy.

Dublin is a beautiful city, metropolitan, historical, airy just fantastic, I love it there.

Edinburgh is also pretty wonderful, I was there during the Festival/Fringe and it's just so vibrant.

I have to big up my home city of Swansea in Wales, it's by some beautiful coastline and the nightlife is amazing. Wales is pretty beautiful anyway, mostly.

As far as world wide I haven't actually visited that many cities or if I have it was only on day trips so not fair to give impressions. I have been to Malta for a week, though and Valetta in Malta is a gorgeous city, one of the first in the world to be laid out in a grid system, and walled. It's proper Medievally.
Comparing all the various cities that I have visited...

I would probably have to say: Saint Petersburg

I didn't really like Paris that much and London is massive and interesting but I would personally have to go for the Hero City

Oslo was nice as well, although these are my personal experiences
I haven't travel that much due to financial issues but I really want to do more traveling in future.

The greatest city I have ever visited is San Francisco. I'm so sucker for that city because it's so beautiful and I always made sure to hit up Chinatown, no matter what because they have lot of cool stuff there.

New York City is pretty neat, albeit bit too crowded and bad mannered from the natives.

I'd say San Diego but I live in it so I'm bit too biased, hahahahahahaha.

I'd love to visit Toronto, Rome, Paris, Tokyo, and Shanghai someday. :)
I've lived in Brussels for three years and visited Paris a few times, I don't understand what anyone sees in them - nor Stockholm for that matter, it's no more than two hours away by train but I only go there when I absolutely have to (such as when I'm on the train passing through on the way to Arlanda airport). I've been to London only once or twice, and long ago at that, so I don't have any real opinion of it. Bangkok is interesting, but my current top pick would have to be Hanoi.
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Suomi, Finland, Pori.. Nah.. I live here, this isn't so great.
I visited London during the summer. I have to say that it was so overwhelming that it ended up being underwhelming as hell. The Victorian architecture is wonderful, sure, but I always felt that it was a collection of monuments and sights instead of a real city. You're never more than twenty meters away from a plaque, statue, monument, park, historical building, or some such rot, and it gets tiring quite quickly. It simply tries too hard.

Edinburgh was much better. The Fringe festival was absolutely brilliant, and I must experience it again some day. As far as I could work out, there were even more pubs than in London.
Everyone says Prague is awesome and you know what? It is.

(This is as patriotic as I ever get, so please indulge me.)
If you visit Moscow, make sure to do it in summer to see the VDNKh (All-Russia Exhibition Center). It used to be a sort of museum of the future with all the awesomeness it entails and degraded to a park with shops and generic tourist attractions. But the architecture is still there.

Another unique place to visit is the Moscow Metro (the underground). Hire a guide, buy history books about the Metro, pet the Dog of the Revolution Square, etc.
Seattle, an awesome mix of rural and urban. It's not as rainy as Vancouver, has tons to do every day. Great nightlife. Solid music scene that is rooted in innovation and history.

A second great place to visit would be Montreal. Closest thing to a European city Canada has, rocking nightlife and some of the best food I've ever had.

A distant third, Los Angeles. I put it third because it's really hit and miss. The city was designed around the automobile so you NEED a car to do anything and parking is a pain.
This is very difficult to answer for me - in my eyes, all cities are more or less the same. Somewhat lamentable, really, as I've done a fair bit of travelling.

The one city I think that stands out from the rest would probably be Venice. There are many cities with beautiful, vast old towns, but Venice is the only city I've been to that remained consistent in its presentation, while at the same time having its own unique feeling.

I have no experience with night clubs or anything like that. When I'm travelling it's always as a tourist with my dad and brother, and then really mostly as a drag-along.

I do have a weakness for Stockholm, though. The architecture is consistent and appealing for large parts of the town, and the old town is wonderful. Not much good to say about Gothenburg, though.
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I haven't really traveled much, but greatest city I've visited would have to be my second home: Boston. A great mix of old and new, fantastic shopping, museums, the theater district, Fenway Park... there is always something else interesting just around the corner in Boston. Best of all, it's what they call a "walking city"; you can easily get anywhere and everywhere in the city on foot, so leave your car at home. Sucks that I now live over 1200 miles away from it.
I currently live in Osaka, and while Osaka isn't as rich culturally speaking as, say, Nara or Kyoto, it's still a damn fine city! Very clean, a subway that would make Paris subway look like a Third-World country subway in comparison, very friendly people.

I can also recommend Victoria and Vancouver in Canada, absolutely great cities. If you want to feel what the pioneers felt like when they first arrived there, go to Victoria: a big but human-sized city, no tall buildings and when you're in a high point, you can actually see the wild canadian forest and imagine you're Davy Crockett. Plus in Vancouver and Victoria, people are so friendly that it's almost unbelievable.

I personnally know that if I can't succeed in Osaka, i'll move there.

And while we're speaking of Canada, don't forget Quebec city, if you want a true taste of old France. Amazing.

But Prague is also a very fine city, that's the truth.