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I'll enter for Gothic 1 & 3

Thank you Moonbeam! +1.

I'd like to enter for all three games please. :) Never had the chance to play any of them, so here it is!
In for all 3, but second is preferred. Thank you for the giveaway.
Thank you so much!
I'm in for all three!
I will enter for Gothic 1 & 2.

Thanks and +rep
I love the series, in for em all!

Thanks for giveaway!
+1 and in for all 3! Thanks!
I Don't have any of them but am very interested in the first and the second. WIll gladly gift the third to whomever may want.

Thanks! +1
I'd like to enter for Gothic 1, please. Thanks and +1 Moonbeam.
Moonbeam: One code for Gothic 1 2 and 3. ( NOT Forsaken Gods)
Post which ones you want and if the winner only wants one game please gift the other codes to someone else who posts in the giveaway. Thanks:)
Draw in a day or so.
count me in for gothic 1 and 3 please
Thanks for the chance Moonbeam ! Please count me in for Gothic 3. Thanks :-)
Thanks and +1 for the giveaway! I'll enter for Gothic 1 & 2, please.
Thank you!
I´m in and entering for all three of them!
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Thanks Moonbeam for the giveaway, but I'm not in. I just won Gothic 3 thanks to P1na, and I very happy with it! ^_^
+1 for your generosity :)

Good luck everybody! ^_^