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I am in for Gothic 1 and 2 myself, thanks for the giveaway!
In for Gothic 1. You can give Gothic 3 to another unfortunate soul :P
I think I have to be in for all 3 because I don't have any Gothic games on GOG. If they're seperate codes, then I'd like to put my hand up for Gothic 1.

Gothic 1 and 3, pretty please?

Thank you, Moonbeam!
In for 'em.
would like 1 and 2, will gift 3 to someone else
I'm in for all three :)
I am on board for Gothic 2.
Iim in for Gothic 1, thanks for the giveaway ;)
I'm in for 1, 2 and 3. Thanks for the giveaway.
I'm in for 1 & 2. Thank you!
I'm in for all three, please.

Thanks! I'd be interested in all three!
In for all three...

Thank you!
I'm in for Gothic 1 and Gothic 2.