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First of all, thanks to Moonbeam for these games, as he was the one who gave this code to me

I took Gothic 3 but Gothic 1 and 2 are left, which I will give away in this package

You can enter for any game but the rules are that if you already have one of these games you must giveaway the other one to the community later

To enter just post in this thread, post something, it doesnt matter what. will decide the winner
Not in, but +1.
Thanks Roman5! Congratulations on winning them and since that obviously means that I didn't win them from Moonbeam, I'll try here again for Gothic 1 + 2.
Thanks and +1 for the giveaway! I'd like to enter, please. :)
(edit: in for both games)

EDIT: As I just won the Gothic games in one of Lou's giveaways, I'd like for my entry to go to benderz please. :)
Post edited May 01, 2013 by akhliber
I'm in! Thank you...
Thanks and +1 for your generosity, Roman! (as well as Moonbeam)

Also, a little promotion in the Giveaways' Directory:

Count me in, but if I win, could you please send the prize to akhliber? --> No need, please check edit below. :D

EDIT: akhliber finally won the Gothic series in Lou's GA, so I'm going to enter on my own behalf now. ;)
Post edited May 02, 2013 by Thespian*
In...again... for Gothic 1 (can pass on #2 to another winner)
I'm in for both, Thanks
Thanks for generosity, +1 to you!

I'm in, but if I win please give it to Bigs, if that is ok.
Thanks Roman! :) I'm in for both!
Cool, I haven't played any Gothic games but they sound like my thing, so I'm in for both. Thanks for the chance!
Not in, but a great giveaway +1.
In and +1
I'm in, thanks Roman.
Hoho! Well, let's try my luck again. Gothic 1 for me. No point hoarding both of them when I haven't played the first one.
Thanks Roman!