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Sielle: I'm not insulting people that "use" Linux, I'm insulting those that think it's a wise business decision to try and support a niche of a niche market that's already fairly small to begin with.

Yes some of the games do work on Linux, there's multiple threads on the forums explaining which ones do and what needs to be done by the user to get them to work. Yet this apparently isn't good enough for some people. Some people such as yourself seem to think that just because you want a simple install package for Linux or Mac that the ROI for GOG to make them must be sky high and well worth the additional cost of not only making the package, but supporting, storing, and distributing it.

What you're asking for just doesn't make financial sense. And you'd realize that if stopped and through about it for half a moment without your blind dislike of windows. (Which contrary to what you say, you must miss part of it, or you wouldn't be trying to get windows applications supported in Linux)
booger: I never said I disliked windows at all. It is not my favorit operating system but I do have a laptop that runs 7. I just prefer Linux to Windows. My desktop is much more powerfull then my laptop so I run Dragon Age and other games on it is my main gaming machine The only thing that I have mentioned that would be nice is if they added in where it talks about the operating system on requirments if the game was wine compatible but I am not asking for a seperate installer. So why do you say I have a blind dislike for windows? Do you have a blind dislike for linux?
The blind dislike of Windows was in reference to Hajen's comment of never going back to windows. I apologize if you thought it was directed to you.

As for my choice of OS, I actually use the following; Windows 7, Windows XP, Server 2003, Server 2008, Ubuntu10.10, CentOS 5.5, Red Hat Server 6, ESXi 4.0 (Ok so it's technically an OS with the only function being to run other OS's). But I don't bother trying to game on anything other than the windows7 and XP. Simply put windows OS's are king when it comes to games.

If someone wants to kludge together a way to run windows games on *nix then I'm all for them trying. But to ask a company to officially support them in doing it is going to far. Especially for one as small as GOG. It's asking them to support the tiny fraction of the population that "Games on computers, uses Linux, is interested in classic games, doesn't run windows at all, and is willing to pay for software." It's such a small subset that it doesn't make sense from a financial or business sense.

But just because I don't think GOG should officially support Linux, doesn't mean I don't think the community shouldn't do what they can to make the games available to users of Linux. We have a number of threads on the board with a list of which games do and don't work and what needs to be done to get them to work. What gets under my skin is when people come to the boards and state that what's been done isn't good enough (especially that one a few months back that said GOG owed the Linux community and 'needed' to support Linux).

Besides, it's not like GOG could make any games compatible that aren't already. They don't tend to have access to the source code.

In other words:
-Bad business decision due to cost
-Community has stepped up with our own solution
-Asking for more is pointless