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The GOGwiki is a fantastic idea, but it’s hard for me finding the information I search for. A current example: I wanted to search the list of games with more than just English language versions. Could not find it. Any search for “language” just keeps listing all game pages, because every page has a language field … than I wanted to search for German games. Also quite impossible. After some effort I stumbled of a game with a German language version, and down below was a link to a wiki category of games with German versions. That is fine.

But how am I supposed to know that there is such a category? There isn’t even a list of categories available – or if, it is hid very well. I can see useless pages like “we are on Facebook!” in the sidebar, but the really useful pages or categories? No hint … it’s a pity, and it is not the purpose of a wiki, that the user is left alone on his/her search. :(
ZivilSword: There isn’t even a list of categories available – or if, it is hid very well.
While I can't modify the main page (nor do I want to), for the Category pages the method is to click on the "Special Pages" on the left, a bit below the search box, then select category. From there you can get to Category:Language which should contain all the language categories.
Thanks, that did the trick. :) Although it seems not quite intuitive for me. Also the search field for the categories is no search field. When you type in “language”, you only start the category list beginning with the first entry after “language“, which is very unintuitive – if I wouldn’t know better I may think there is no such category. So you can either browse through the hundreds of categories (not practicable) or misuse the “start after …” field, then click on previous pages.

To make it worse: the common wiki search field in the sidebar does not find categories.

(I know why I didn’t choose MediaWiki for my personal wikis …)
Post edited February 17, 2013 by ZivilSword