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It's official! supports Mac OS X.

We're bringing a part of our massive catalog of all-time classics to Mac, starting with an impressive 50 titles for Mac gamers to play and enjoy. 28 of the 50 titles, the best games in history, including Syndicate, Ultima series, or Wing Commander, will be playable on the Mac OS X for the first time ever--exclusively on The complete line-up reflects the diversity of available games unmatched by other distributors: classics like Simcity 2000, Crusader: No Remorse, Little Big Adventure, Theme Hospital mix with Anomaly Warzone Earth, Tiny & Big: Grandpa’s Leftovers, Botanicula, and The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. Speaking of monster-hunter Geralt and The Witcher 2, the Enhanced Edition of this award-winning mature fantasy RPG was released on Mac just today and is available on with a 25% discount (that's only $22.24) for the next 48 hours.

Weeklong Promo: Mac & PC Essentials
We have also prepared a set of specially selected games from various genres that will be available 50% off for the next week: The Witcher Enhanced Edition, Crusader: No Remorse, Theme Hospital, Little Big Adventure, Postal Classic and Uncut, and Simcity 2000 are all available for 50% off--that's as little as $2.99 for unforgettable classics. This promo ends Thursday, October 25 at 6:15 PM GMT. However, The Witcher Enhanced Edition will be available for 50% off only until Saturday, October 20 at 6:45 PM GMT.

Remember, the 50 is just the beginning--we promise to release more amazing games on Mac in the near future. What titles? To find out and play even more best games in history check our website regularly, become a fan on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or give us a nice +1 in Google+.
xyem: +1271 Add Mac OS X versions of games +7084 Add Linux versions of games
Almost certainly 5.57x easier to port to Mac and support. Linux will come, give them time.
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Mac? Hell yeah, thank you, thank you, thank you :)

And good luck to you all that Linux versions become available soon.
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For Linux users - don't worry! Linux is just that much harder to support that Mac and Mac support brings more new people to the site since doubtless a lot of Linux people are already here. However, GOG going multi-OS is good news, it opens the door for eventual Linux support too. It will happen, it makes sense to happen eventually. Just give them a little time. If they support an OS, they want to support it fully. So when they do bring Linux support, it will be awesome. :)

I wonder if they're going to use Boxer for the DOSBox games? They should. :)
I personally don't have MAC but games for any additional platform are very welcomed.
Congrats GOG, keep going!!!

P.S. So one year from now, and I see it now:
And the good news?
FraterPerdurabo: I'm getting an iPad tonight, can any of these be made to work on iOS?
unlikely - unless you jailbreak to download a DOSBox/ScummVM version for iOS from Cydia, they're not available from the App store for iOS
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ShadowWulfe: The bottom line is that the more people that buy from GOG, the bigger the platform. If GOG manages to bring... a lot of Mac users, different publishers could see dollar signs.
Please don't use logic here. Emotional outbursts only.
crazy_dave: I wonder if they're going to use Boxer for the DOSBox games? They should. :)
I'll check shortly, I'm currently in Windows but will boot over shortly.
SimonG: Notice how there is no mention of DRM free on the news post. And the windows signs have substituted the drm free next to the price. Not that I care, but it is interesting.
Onox: There was mention of DRM-free in the live presentation though :)
Rest assure: expanding to another OS doesn't change where we stand on DRM. It was a matter of visual design choice, nothing more.
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This is awesome news!! Thankyou!! :) No more running in VMs - Some of us really appreciate this, well done :)
Paradoks: And the good news?
If you are a Mac user you get support, if you are a Linux user GOG going multi-OS makes eventual Linux support that much more likely and likely to happen sooner than it otherwise would. Windows 8 users will get compatibility too.

Mac is just easier to test support for the games on. It makes sense to go there first. But eventually, given how much people want it, it makes sense to eventually offer Linux versions to and the fact they are doing multi-OS support now makes that future more likely and sooner.
xyem: +1271 Add Mac OS X versions of games +7084 Add Linux versions of games
Yes and they still chose the MAC. What an unfortunate move. Too much disappointment GOG too much.
This is indeed great news. Now all we need is a "Mac" tag so we can see a listing of all the compatible games at a glance.
No surprizes here with this announcement. Hopefully the GOG team is working just as hard to make the rest of their current titles compatible with Windows 7. Just a thought.
Where's the list of all 50?