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Please help us make a better place and get Realms of Arkania 1+2 for free.

Short version:
1. Complete the survey below.
2. Enter your correct e-mail address.
3. Get a copy of Realms of Arkania 1+2 sent to you via mail next week.
4. If you own RoA 1+2 you can gift it to a friend!

Long version:
The Annual Gamer Survey is now our yearly tradition, so once again we ask that you spare 5 minutes of your time and help us make your favorite digital distribution platform a better place. Taking part in it isn't mandatory of course, but recommended if you want to have your share in making GOG the best digital distribution service there is.

Filling out the Gamer Survey 2012 does not only guarantee you lifelong happiness but also grants you a free copy of Realms of Arkania 1+2. When completing the survey, enter your e-mail address and we'll be sending you codes for Realms of Arkania 1+2 next week, after the survey is completed. If you already own Realms of Arkanie 1+2, the code can be gifted as well.

Grab a pencil... er, a keyboard in your hands and answer the questions below for a better future mankind (with the exeption of non-gamers), and expect a special gift from in your mailbox in a few days. Remember that all the small red " * " stars mark the questions that are required.

[i]The survey ends on Monday, September 17 at 9:59 AM GMT. We will start sending out codes for Realms of Arkania 1+2 after all the entries are processed.
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bazilisek: Some very good questions there; I'd love to see the data, even though I suspect I won't. Whoever made that survey has a very good feel for the current mood of the userbase, which makes me really happy.
Thanks. ;)
RafaelLopez: The strategy of giving away a game that many people already have with no alternative is weird because it prioritizes potentially hundreds of thousands of surveys from people who never had a GOG account before. It should be the opposite: "if you already have Realms of Arkania, you're a certified paying customer and should answer our survey in exchange for a free game or perhaps a discount on a game you actually want".

Wow, they should hire me for my marketing wits.
If we'd had an easy way of doing that, we would have. :P
Elenarie: Validate users' requests for the survey based on a query that gets all users which own RoA, before allowing them to load the survey page?

And when they complete the survey, validate their submission and mark them as unauthorised for the same survey again.

Afterwards, give them a code for RoA that they could share with a friend.
BadDecissions: I think what he means is that if someone acquires a game from GOG, the right-holders who put it on GOG expect to be paid for it. If they give away Arkania, or any of the other games they give away, they've had to specially get permission to do that. So doing anything "in exchange for a free game," where GOG can't decide the free game and clear it with the rights-holders, isn't going to be feasible.

(Of course, if I'm wrong, he can say so).
That's pretty much it, yeah. We love you guys, but we're not going a bazillion dollars in the hole on royalty payments to give you free copies of games when you fill out a survey. Basically, if RoA 1 + 2 are good enough incentives to get more people filling out the questions, excellent! if it's not for you, well, we'd appreciate your taking the time and filling it out anyway, but if you elect not to we understand. ;)
AncientWarrior33: Hello

Just wondering about the automatic updates you told me about.

How does it work?

For example, I recently bought inquisitor.
Now my account told me there was an update. (probably recommended against minor or even game breaking bugs?)

Should I redownload the whole game, make a back-up of my saves, reïnstall the game, put back the saves, continue playing?

Thx in advance
The Czech language versions of the goodies were added to Inquisitor's bonus download section. If you want to see what exactly got updated in your game, go to your My Account page and click on the game. You should see a red flag with the word "New" next to what was added/updated.

Hope that helps :D.
Note to all: we'll be sending out the games next week, if everything goes correctly.
Inuboy1000: Didn't he say next week a week ago? That'd mean the deadline would be two weeks which is against what they said at first. Sigh. Oh well. As long as I get it I don't care how long I wait. I'm gonna be enjoying the free game so much, it's awesome. Thanks GOG.
I don't think we ever actually gave a deadline initially?
TheEnigmaticT: I don't think we ever actually gave a deadline initially?
Ubivis: To quote the news text:

When completing the survey, enter your e-mail address and we'll be sending you codes for Realms of Arkania 1+2 next week, after the survey is completed.
Ubivis: How I do read it, it says that I get code during this actual week.
Yeah, it looks like we dun goofed on that. Sorry about it; we'll have it next week.
Risingson: I didn't get the games, though I filled the survey. Sad face. Crying.
We've sent out all the emails with codes on Monday - I really hope you haven't made a typo in the address. Just in case, please do check your spam folder.

Still, if you won't receive the email with the code, please contact our support - we will try to sort this out :)
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Gekkoton: I didn't get a code either :S
As mentioned above - please contact our Support and include the mail address you've entered in our Annual Survey :)
Mangodj: Hey, I got a key from the survey, and decided to give it to a friend, but it says the key have already been used? Is it an error or do I have to use the games myself? is it already locked to my account?
If one user enters the code on the /redeem page, only to see if it's valid and without redeeming, the code still gets locked for a short period of time to that user's account. Please wait approx. 10 minutes before retrying and it should work fine.

If you will continue to experience problems with redeeming the code, please contact our support and they will be happy to help.
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tarangwydion: That can be a problem for those ninjas in Ninja Giveaway thread :-)
It shouldn't really, this new redeeming system is live for quite some time actually. Also, previously you could have a situation where 100 people would enter the code at the very same time, get excited that it's valid, finally click redeem and then receive an error message because somebody was faster. There were also issues with this during high load on the website.

In the new scenario, the moment the first person enters a valid code, the code gets locked for a short period of time that will guarantee this person to redeem the game. However, if that person does not redeem the code or will close the website, the code gets free again.
DaemonRaDicaL: I can't redeem the code, after clicking "redeem bonus code" I get the purchase page where it is marked full price of the game :(
Hm. Contact support if your key isn't working. That's odd, though, given that it *is* working for most everyone.
anjohl: Wow, I completely missed this one. I don't need the game, but I would like to participate in the survey. Are you still taking entries?
Sorry, but the survey is closed .