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Please help us make a better place and get Realms of Arkania 1+2 for free.

Short version:
1. Complete the survey below.
2. Enter your correct e-mail address.
3. Get a copy of Realms of Arkania 1+2 sent to you via mail next week.
4. If you own RoA 1+2 you can gift it to a friend!

Long version:
The Annual Gamer Survey is now our yearly tradition, so once again we ask that you spare 5 minutes of your time and help us make your favorite digital distribution platform a better place. Taking part in it isn't mandatory of course, but recommended if you want to have your share in making GOG the best digital distribution service there is.

Filling out the Gamer Survey 2012 does not only guarantee you lifelong happiness but also grants you a free copy of Realms of Arkania 1+2. When completing the survey, enter your e-mail address and we'll be sending you codes for Realms of Arkania 1+2 next week, after the survey is completed. If you already own Realms of Arkanie 1+2, the code can be gifted as well.

Grab a pencil... er, a keyboard in your hands and answer the questions below for a better future mankind (with the exeption of non-gamers), and expect a special gift from in your mailbox in a few days. Remember that all the small red " * " stars mark the questions that are required.

[i]The survey ends on Monday, September 17 at 9:59 AM GMT. We will start sending out codes for Realms of Arkania 1+2 after all the entries are processed.
Post edited September 10, 2012 by Chamb
Just HOW long do you users think it takes to look at ALL of those surveys? It's not just a little-- it's a HUGE amount!

It will be ready when it's ready.
if anyone was so desperate to play the games before this survey they could have bought them.
suddenly its extremely vital! lol

good gog is good.
Just be patient, they need to process every single survey and look at the data to see what parts could be improved/what is already fine. Just give it time, they'll probably be done by next week.
Yep, Just be patient. ;)
E-mails are going out. Just got mine.
Got mine too.
Same here.
Just got mine as well. Thanks for gitt team! :)
Just got mine, check your spam boxes people! lol
mine too
I got mine.
if anyone missed the survey I'm doing a giveaway.
Got mine.

Thanks, GOG :)
Thanks GOG. :)
Wow, thank you, GOG!
Awesome, received.