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Please help us make a better place and get Realms of Arkania 1+2 for free.

Short version:
1. Complete the survey below.
2. Enter your correct e-mail address.
3. Get a copy of Realms of Arkania 1+2 sent to you via mail next week.
4. If you own RoA 1+2 you can gift it to a friend!

Long version:
The Annual Gamer Survey is now our yearly tradition, so once again we ask that you spare 5 minutes of your time and help us make your favorite digital distribution platform a better place. Taking part in it isn't mandatory of course, but recommended if you want to have your share in making GOG the best digital distribution service there is.

Filling out the Gamer Survey 2012 does not only guarantee you lifelong happiness but also grants you a free copy of Realms of Arkania 1+2. When completing the survey, enter your e-mail address and we'll be sending you codes for Realms of Arkania 1+2 next week, after the survey is completed. If you already own Realms of Arkanie 1+2, the code can be gifted as well.

Grab a pencil... er, a keyboard in your hands and answer the questions below for a better future mankind (with the exeption of non-gamers), and expect a special gift from in your mailbox in a few days. Remember that all the small red " * " stars mark the questions that are required.

[i]The survey ends on Monday, September 17 at 9:59 AM GMT. We will start sending out codes for Realms of Arkania 1+2 after all the entries are processed.
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GOG is the only way to buy legal games with reasonable price in a third world country like Indonesia.
briandamage: I have 3 android devices (new phone, old phone, and tablet) and I can install any or all of my Google Play purchases on all the devices at the same time. The only restriction seems to be that I am logged in with my account.
That's exactly what I was thinking about. We have two different Android users in the same household, and I am sure many families have even more.

So, if we both like the same game, or even just wanted to run the same game on both devices, no matter who plays it on it, we should apparently buy the same game(s) two times in the same household (maybe that is mentioned in the ToS, I didn't check). As silly as it may sound, I have indeed sometimes played some Android games on my gf's Android phone, for example.

That sounds even worse to me than e.g. Steam, unless there is an easy way to swap the Google user on an Android device constantly, in order to play some other user's GooglePlay games on it for awhile. That's one of the things I don't like in "tablet PCs" so much, it is harder to set them up as multiuser devices (or so it seems), to e.g. support several profiles.

Or, maybe there is some way around that, like installing the game as another user, and then switching to another user... maybe... Or then we'd make a dummy Google user which we use on all our Android devices, just so that we can use the same games on all of them. Or something.

With the DRM-free versions I don't have to ponder about things like that at all. I just buy the games and install them on all our Android devices, if I want to.
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Going to my games section and browsing a bit made me realize I first came on GOG for the free games (there were 3 at that time: Teenagent, Beneath a Steal Sky and Lure of the Temptress). Then I bought games on promo.

I sometimes buy I full price game but not too often I has already have quite a backlog.

Anyway, I put the emphasis on the extras as they really are important.
Think I passed. Thanks Gog! More oldies please.
If I can help make gog better by filling out a survey free game or not Im happy.
Before answering, thanks for free games and stuff but... these games are not for me. As in, I know I won't be playing them. So would if be OK if I resent or gave away the code in the future?
If you do start offering android versions of games perhaps include them as the extras like the soundtracks and the rest.
I couldn't see a submit button either!

I went back to the e-mail address box, pressed enter, and it was accepted.
filemon: Finishing survey brought me here, so, I'm leaving a post ;).
That's one survey I'm more than happy to complete. :)
rodrolliv: Before answering, thanks for free games and stuff but... these games are not for me. As in, I know I won't be playing them. So would if be OK if I resent or gave away the code in the future?
They said you can gift the key to someone else, well if you already own a copy but I think they won't care if you give the game to someone who wants it.
By the way, the question about average money spent on games per month ($10) got me thinking. I wanted to choose a higher price but a sad thing is there simply aren't many new games I want to buy (right now only available on Steam, Origin, etc.) under their current conditions be it DRM or region policy (i.e. a game isn't attractive enough to put up with these terms) and GOG hasn't offered titles I'm interested in lately :(.

Try harder to take money from me, GOG! :P

EDIT: I also missed options Compatibility or Stability in the survey; both very high on my preference list.
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done this just for signing up
Finished the survey, but what do I do with the games? I already have the original German versions of them and I'm not very keen on playing the English ones. never seems to disappoint. I get free games just for filling out a survey? Sounds great to me.

The best selling points of are that it is DRM-free and that it updates its games to work on modern systems. As long as it keeps doing those things, I'll keep buying games from