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Birthday fun and gifts (for you!) 5th birthday celebration continues, and we came up with some fun activities essential to every nerd party in the universe. Namely, we want to play some trivia with you! There will be prizes, of course, because there have to be gifts in a birthday celebration. Since it is our party, you get to keep the gifts! We wouldn't have it any other way. But, just to make it more fun, you'll have to put some effort into getting them. For the next couple of days (let's say: until Sunday), we'll post a daily activity for you. A quiz, a puzzle, some trivia--you know: fun stuff. Each day you'll get a chance to prove your gaming knowledge and familiarity with for a chance to get some free games. Our activity of choice today: word search!

We got word from our support, that some users aren't sure where they should send the answers. Let's pretend that finding the e-mail address on the picture below is a little warm-up exercise before the actual word search. If you can't handle that task, there's probably not much point in wasting your time looking for the 40 titles. And one more thing: we didn't notice it ourselves, but there's actually 41 hidden titles in the picture (apart from the highlighted "FEZ"). That's because one of the longer ones contains another one, shorter. Still--we don't expect more than 40, and that gives you a bit of an advantage. Birthday Word Search

You've got time until Thursday, September 26, at 14:59PM GMT. That's 24 hours. Have fun! :-)


Here's an image provided by our user. Thanks Dan! Birthday Word Search Solution

The hidden titles are as follows:

1. Alan Wake
2. Alpha Centauri
3. Arcanum
4. Baldur's Gate
5. Bioforge
6. Blood
7. Caesar
8. Carmageddon
9. Descent
10. Dungeon Keeper
11. Fallout
12. Freespace
13. FTL
14. Gabriel Knight
15. Hotline Miami
16. Master of Magic
17. Master of Orion
18. Might and Magic
19. Myst
20. Nox
21. Outcast
22. Painkiller
23. Pharaoah
24. Pid
25. Populous
26. Postal
27. Psychonauts
28. Quest For Glory
29. Resonance
30. Sacrifice
31. Sim City
32. Star Control
33. Syndicate
34. The Witcher
35. Theme Hospital
36. Thief
37. To The Moon
38. Ultima
39. Wing Commander
40. Zeus
41. ArmA (hiding within Carmageddon)

The 40 quickest winners should have the prizes in their email inboxes now. The draw of the other 20 will be done later today.

Congratulations to all winners!
Post edited September 26, 2013 by G-Doc
Psyringe: Do we have to highlight the game names in the image, or is it sufficient to just note them down?
Just write them down, no need for highlighting :)
Fever_Discordia: Wait, so are there 40 in addition to Fez or are there 39 left after the Fez example?
That would be FEZ plus 40 more additional hidden titles.
Braussie: I got 40, but one is part of another, and I"m not sure if that counts. Oh well. I might look and see if I can find any other.
Psyringe: There's no reason why it shouldn't count. The instructions are to find games from the GOG catalog in all directions. It's clearly a game from the GOG catalog, and it's written in a valid direction.

There is however another game that might count as the 40th, but that one has its own problems.

I'd expect GOG to accept both though.
We will, as I stated in the update in the main post. That gives you some wiggle room, as the hidden titles actually total to 41. Please remember, that we only accept titles of catalog games, though. DOTA isn't one. Nor is Poop ;-)
Post edited September 26, 2013 by G-Doc
Leroux: Oh, wow, I actually won something, too? That's ... unexpected. Thanks a lot, GOG! :D

Now for the difficult part of choosing a good $5.99 game I don't own already ... Btw, does this code have an expiration date, will it be valid for future $5.99 releases, too, and/or is it possible to make it a gift to someone else?
It will expire on 1 September 2014, I believe.