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Quite similar to this thread, you just post the list of games you acquired from's weekend promos.

Current Weekend Promo (11/7) French games
Post edited November 07, 2014 by BillyMaysFan59
I've got all the Topware I want already, so I'm going topless this weekend.

I'm camping this week, so not able to check my PC to see which of the bundle I already own, so I really should resist the sale. But at least I don't own any of them on GOG, so I just may pick it up. It seems like I won't be satisfied until my backlog is twelve lifetimes long.
TrevorWilliams: It seems like I won't be satisfied until my backlog is twelve lifetimes long.
LOL - just like the rest of us :D
Bump :P
Nothing so far. Gorky 17 and Enclave are kinda intriguing me, but other than those, nothing else for me. Funnily enough, I got the Topware games I wanted (Earth 2140, Earth 2150, Earth 2160, Septerra Core and Two Worlds) on the Summer Sale.
Probably nothing, unless you suggest I should buy the other 2 games other than Earth 2150.
Nothing. I already have all the good Topware games and don't need the rest.
Earth 2150
Saturday bump

Still nothing in my haul....
Nothing for me either. I grabbed Two Worlds bundle on the Summer Sale.
jamyskis: *rimshit*
Eww.. just, eww.
jamyskis: *rimshit*
Smannesman: Eww.. just, eww.
Well, that's shot, I mean "shit".

*Curses the not-so-ergonomic Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard at work*
"Nice, you own all games from this promo".

This promo has been through GOG so many times that I already bought all the games during 2010-2011, except for Two Worlds 2, which I got in 2013 (when it was added to GOG). Overall, though, the discount has improved over the years, so I paid $46.50 for the 12 games, whereas now they cost only $35.88:

P.S. I played four of the games: Septerra, Enclave, Gorky, Two Worlds. I finished only two: Enclave, Gorky.
Bump before Topware promo ends