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This weekend: Electrifying EA Classics!
An electrified bump :P

And there are a few that I'm interested in, however I already have a lot of the games from this promo.
Post edited August 22, 2014 by BillyMaysFan59
Nothing for me this time from the promo as I have the ones that I want. Although I might succumb and have an impulse buy sometime over the weekend...
Currently eyeing:

-Crusader: No Remorse (maybe No Regret too?)
-Legends of Kyrandia series
Saturday bump
I picked up Nox and Crusader: No Regret today. Now the only missing games from this promo are Jade Empire and MoH. I also picked up the AI War Collection before the discount runs out. *throws money at screen*
One more bump
The promo is over. Only Lands of Lore 1+2 for me.
And nothing for me. I've decided that I have enough EA to last me a while. :P
This week: Activision!
Nothing this week is supported for the Mac (Nordic or Activision), so I'm giving everything a pass.