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×'s catalog has around 300 titles already, and we add new titles most every week (admittedly, we’re taking a bit of a break on new releases for the rest of the holiday season). Our catalog might be a little intimidating for a GOG user who hasn’t poked around it a lot, not to mention our new members. Yes, we have loads of classics you know for like Fallout, Duke Nukem 3D, Baldur's Gate, Freespace 2, Myst, etc., but there are games that have landed under the radar of the masses--but they still deserve your attention!

As a guide to some of these gems, we’re offering a three part series over the next 10 days, whereby we’ll give you insight into what some of us on the GOG team think are the most underappreciated gems in our catalog. Each of these articles will be focused on a different genre of games, and this article by Cook covers hidden gems in two genres: RPG and adventure games.
I want to see "Spycraft: The Great Game" as well.
For me
Eye of the beholder 1,2,3
Buck roger
Quest for glory
Lands of lore
Bards tale
Leisure suit larry
Indiana jones fate of atlantis
The old sam and max
I wouldn't mind seein' some 7th guest games on here and how bout' that old game by maniac mansion"day of the tentacle".Then there's "the adventures of willy beamish" by dynamix.Lets not forget the"alone in the dark series" including"jack in the dark".Remember that game made by"merit studios" Harvester.How bout' darkseed 1 and 2,shadowcaster by origin,noctropolis,call of cthulhu,the dark eye,dragon lore 1and2,bioforge,critical path,time cammando,shadows of cairn,jack the ripper,prisoner of ice,knights chase. That's just to name a few!!!!
sin1995: It would be awsome if they put here, the first three Elder Scrolls games, Arena, Daggerfall and Morrowind.
Actually, offers free downloads of Arena and Daggerfall, and they run great in DOSBox.
Another game I would like to see in GOG is:


Which basically takes place on a town with an incurable disease.
You can see the summary here:
brainsare: I must admit that although when I found this service yesterday, I was overjoyed with both seeing many of my favorite games here, but also the greatly critically acclaimed games of the past that I never got a chance to play, like Planescape - I was however quite depressed with Grim Fandango not being one of them. GOG has pretty much the entire Lucas Arts catalogue, but somehow failed in getting their very best game up.
Actually GoG doesn't have a single LucasArts game in its catalogue, so I don't like your chances. Plenty of Sierra stuff; nothing whatsoever from LucasArts. As far as I'm aware, LucasArts take issue with any service that doesn't mandate DRM, so GoG would have to do a total backflip for LucasArts to consent.

Anyway, I second the requests for Blade Runner and System Shock 2.
I'm sure these have probably been mentioned by now but some games I'd like to see would be the complete Quest for Glory (Sierra) and Wizardry (Sir-Tech) series (just Wizardry 1-7, I didn't like 8). I own the originals on floppy and the re-released collections on CD, but I'd love a release that would easily work on my Win7 x64 machines. Games like those I really do not mind buying a third time. ^_^
Bards Tale series, is a great game I would like that, but another game was made in 2002 -2004 called Devil Whiskey, It is bards tale with more of the same. It has more shops and I would like that game imensly! look at
Forgot a picture of the newer version of Bards Tale.
screen2.jpg (57 Kb)
sin1995: It would be awsome if they put here, the first three Elder Scrolls games, Arena, Daggerfall and Morrowind.
oldrocker99: Actually, offers free downloads of Arena and Daggerfall, and they run great in DOSBox.
Yes this is true... Just wait for DaggerXL to be released it will knock your socks off :D
A entirely programmed engine for Daggerfall...
Probably mentioned a few times already, but I'd love to play Cosmology of Kyoto on Windows 7.
gog's overlooked genre too: adventure games. when there's gonna be a new adventure game release?
Here some kool games I enjoyed playing which I would love to see become part of GOG's game selection:

Rune Gold
Hexen Series
Hexen II
Heretic Series
Heretic II
Demise : Rise of Kutan
Etherlords I and II

Thanks for all the great work you good foks at GOG do for us PC gamers!!
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How about these three

Captive - I remember playing this for hours on end. Once it was complete you could restart and all the levels would be regenerated differently.

Ravenloft Strahd's possession and Stone Prophet. these were the two games that sealed my fate as an RPG'er. what Dungeon Master started these games completed :)
I'd LOVE to see any of the Quest for Glory games, Ultima 7 and it's expansion (I think that was the Black Gate one where Iolo was older), and Elder Scrolls: Morrowind and expacs.
I enjoyed Anachronox. It is quite unique, combining adventure, puzzle/fighting system and a fantastic story set on a colonized ancient metal alien planet where it's tectonic plates constantly shift in front of you.

Oh I wouldn't mind seeing Wizards & Warriors + Gorasul: Legacy of the Dragon on here as well.
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