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×'s catalog has around 300 titles already, and we add new titles most every week (admittedly, we’re taking a bit of a break on new releases for the rest of the holiday season). Our catalog might be a little intimidating for a GOG user who hasn’t poked around it a lot, not to mention our new members. Yes, we have loads of classics you know for like Fallout, Duke Nukem 3D, Baldur's Gate, Freespace 2, Myst, etc., but there are games that have landed under the radar of the masses--but they still deserve your attention!

As a guide to some of these gems, we’re offering a three part series over the next 10 days, whereby we’ll give you insight into what some of us on the GOG team think are the most underappreciated gems in our catalog. Each of these articles will be focused on a different genre of games, and this article by Cook covers hidden gems in two genres: RPG and adventure games.
It is difficult to recommend games for "everyone," since people have varying tastes, but shoppers on have access to user reviews and forum postings specific to the game they are thinking about buying. This makes it easier for individuals to get a feel for whether or not they will enjoy a specific game.

With that in mind, I would recommend checking out the following Adventure games which, despite lower sales on, have a great chance of being enjoyed by most of the adventure-gaming population.

Dark Fall 1 & 2
In Cold Blood
The Feeble Files

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was hoping for a new release today but this is a good update regardless

Stonekeep is a sadly overlooked RPG. Although it is very much action-oriented (you have virtually no important decisions to make) and the stats/skills system is quite rudimentary, there's much enjoyment to be found in the game. (If you need proof, ask Lowyhong, or at least check out his deceptively-named thread.)
Myst...overlooked? :s Hahaha...

Anyway, I would recommend Septerra Core ($2.99 USD right now). The battles are frankly terrible thanks to tortuously long animations, but if you use the "skip battles" cheat, you're in for an interesting adventure. Interesting setting, decently-told story, all lines of dialogue are spoken (with decent voice acting), and a cool non-stereotype heroine in the style of Phantasy Star's Alys. If it looks like something you'd like, check it out. :)
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mawy: Myst...overlooked? :s Hahaha...
Not Myst, just Uru: Complete Chronicles.
mawy: Myst...overlooked? :s Hahaha...
SLP2000: Not Myst, just Uru: Complete Chronicles.
Oh! My bad, I just read the first two and saw "Myst adventure games series" in bold letters, haha.
But I also thought Uru was pretty hyped up back in the day. Nobody played it?
About URU Chronicles. It got some things right. The 3d graphics are very well done, and the music/soundtrack is really good. It also has a great initial concept and lots of additional story about the D'ni civilization. But:
1) There are some really frustrating decisions related to avatar control and puzzle solving (e.g. it must kick things into place, but cannot hold things or automatically place them somewhere.). Other decisions come from the reformating of the puzzles to a single player version.
2) For about the last year or so now, an online version of it is freely available from CYAN. Some puzzles have been altered to require user cooperation to be solved, and some new ages and puzzles are introduced, so the online version could be considered better.
3) URU had many problems upon launch. It was supposed to be an online experience, but that fell through a few months after launch. Then, the online content was used to produce a free expansion ("To D'ni") and a commercial expansion ("The Path of the Shell") and finally I think that Myst V is mostly built on such content as well. Then there were some attempts to revive the online game, from fans (parially supported by Cyan) and later on from a collaboration of Cyan with GameTap). Parts of the story and characters were slightly changed in each iteration. Imho this resulted in plot chaos that is very VERY confusing for new players. URU never gained in popularity or critical acclaim, mainly because of these issues.
It is a good game, but it does not feel complete. It feels abandoned in more than one ways.
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"Overlooked Gaming Gems"

"King's Quest: Mask of Eternity"

ahahahaha-- no.
I agree about Return to Krondor - what a fun game. Is it not popular?
I agree on the Stonekeep. I bought it because I'm an absolute sucker when it comes to dungeon crawling RPG's. No, not the kind where you "RP" four to six characters at once, but the kind where you are thrown in a weird world/dungeon and have to figure out the ropes and try to survive.

I had never heard of Stonekeep before (Actually, I don't think it has ever been even released here in Finland) but I decided to give it a shot, and it did not disapoint.

Other RPG's I really recommend everyone to try is Gorky 17 and Gothic 1 and 2. I actually bought Gorky 17 for the soundtrack (I already own the boxed version) which is just awesome. A word of warning though, all three of those games have trouble running on Win7. There is a fix for Gothic 1 and 2 floating around the net, but for Gorky 17 I have not been able to locate any kind of fix.
Return to Krondor is awesome, as awesome is the Betrayal At Krondor \ Betrayal in Antara pack GOG offers! Don't let the dated graphics turn you down, BaK is one of the best CRPG ever.

Divine Divinity and it's sequel, Beyond Divinity are also often overlooked, and Divinity is seen as a Diablo clone, nothing more wrong! it's a great RPG with an interesting storyline and absolutely not only focused on combat. It has also a GREAT soundtrack, one of the best you'll find.

Stonekeep is great and a must have if you like first person dungeon games like Dungeon Master and Eye of the Beholder. It also has a book, telling you the first part of the story and setting a mood for the story itself, that sadly GOG never included in the release, but you can find it on the forums and you should read it before playing the game, it's really a great experience.
Arx Fatalis is another game I'd recommend, great stuff.

Another awesome RPG often overlooked is Vampire The Masquerade - Redemption, it was quite famous back in those days, but then Bloodlines obscured it's popularity. I think it's actually better (well, it's surely less buggy) than the sequel.

Leaving the RPG genre, I'd invite you to take a look to my GOGmix here:

Unique atmosphere and gameplay

It includes many of my favourite games on GOG, some are famous, some are sadly overlooked
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Stonekeep was the game that has drawn me to this site back in the 2008 when they announced their first soon-to-come releases... and it was also the first game to buy here, even though I owned it on CD... the atmosphere is just marvelous! too bad I'm stuck now in the mines that aren't so entertaining so other games got in it's place :(

EDIT: and now I should actually read the article :D

EDIT2: ok, ok, I'm gonna buy Return to Krondor now, alright?! :o)
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Thompsons: "Overlooked Gaming Gems"

"King's Quest: Mask of Eternity"

ahahahaha-- no.
Yeah... sorry, but, I think this is pretty much my reaction to that suggestion as well. It's a terrible game that doesn't even really try to fit the KQ universe and that even Roberta Williams wanted to disown.

I can't think of any adventures or RPGs in the catalog that I've played that I think are underrated, but I can think of one that I wish was in the catalog that I think is underrated...
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SPACE QUEST! The whole series are probably my favorite adventure games. They are very funny and the puzzles are just the right amount difficulty. They are also best played from first to last because they self-reference themselves in some of the jokes, but this isn't a requirement.