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Pay what you want, grab up to 3 excellent RPGs, support Larian Studios!

Quick summary:
1. Set your own fair price.
2. Get up to 3 Divinity Games, including Divinity II: Developer's Cut.
3. Own some of the games? No problem--you'll get the gift codes to give to friends.
4. Bonus for you:
* enjoy exclusive access to Divinity II: Developer's Cut one day before the release
* tons of goodies for all the games
* unlock special videos from Larian Studios

RPG fans, promo hunters, dev supporters! For the next 7 days gives you a chance to put three wonderful role-playing games on your shelf, puts you in control over their price, and offers you an opportunity to support the games' hard working and talented developers: Larian Games. Proudly introducing: GOG Pay What You Want: Divinity Anthology! The "Pay What You Want" can be purchased from starting now until 01:00 AM GMT on the 18th of October, 2012.

Set your own fair price for the classic Divine Divinity, where you become the chosen one, destined to fulfil an ancient prophecy and save the Seven Races of Rivellon. In this extensive, challenging, and very addictive game you will encounter many different enemies and a great variety of items, NPCs, and quests.

Beat the average price and receive your copy of Beyond Divinity, the creative continuation of the series, featuring an immersive story of the divine and the daemonic, challenging gameplay with two characters to control at the same time and a huge universe to explore and exploit.

The top 10% of our most generous users will also grant themselves an early access to the upcoming Divinity 2: Developer's Cut.The Developer's Cut, which is the ultimate edition of the game, comes with Divinity II and the expansion Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance, as well as a special developer's mode and extra goodies, will be available on PC on the 18th of October, 2012, but if you buy it here you will get to play it a day earlier than everyone else! The "Director's Cut" subtitle also means, that you'll have the unique opportunity to experience the game just as the developers did: with optional access to developer console you'll feel like the god of the realm.

But that's not all! All of the games come with an extensive amount of goodies--especially Divinity 2: Developer's Cut features a crazy amount of bonus materials (all of which you can access as soon as you finalize your purchase). To make things even more interesting, Larian Games told us that as the sales progress, they will be releasing some very special announcements and interesting videos. Heard enough? Go to the GOG Pay What You Want: Divinity Anthology page!
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K_1269: I'm new to the concept, so how does beat the average price works, does it refer to the time of purchase or the total once all purchases are in? Also, what would a decent price for the bundle be so that gog still makes a profit, or at least not a loss?
It refers to the price right then. if it goes up later, you're fine.
Kunovski: aaargh, I already have the first two Divinities on GOG and only want the "II"... what to do?
Gift/trade someone the other two games?
trebor8273: seems of but have all these any how. is divinity 2 the same version that steam have?
No, Divinity 2: Developer's Cut wasn't released yet. It's coming to the PC on the 18th of October, 2012. But if you buy it through our "Pay What You Want", you'll get to play it a day early.
JMich: So, if I pay more than $9.99, I get Divinity II, and if I am in the top 10%, I get to play it one day earlier?
Not quite. If you're in the top supporter's bracket (top 10%) you get Divinity II: DC, and you will get it a day earlier. That may need revising. Hm.
Barefoot_Monkey: What happens if you pay high but already have Divine/Beyond?
You get gift codes.

EDIT: Actually, you get one gift code.
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SLP2000: I don't understand this. This means that I can buy this bundle for 12$ now and that's the price for three games, but in the end I may only get two games if more than 10% people pay more than 12$?
You get the games you bought based off of the averages at that moment, regardless of how the average changes later.
keeveek: The average goes high pretty fast. How somebody was able to pledge 99 bucks if the maximum amount for me is 39?
You can type in any amount by clicking on the number next to the "Checkout Now" button.
keeveek: The average goes high pretty fast. How somebody was able to pledge 99 bucks if the maximum amount for me is 39?
The slider goes as far as $39, but you can click the price and input it manually. $99, huh? Nice. Larian has some devoted fans :-D
SCPM: Dammit, my card won't go through and the top supporter price is already more than $4 higher than when I first tried to checkout. By the time my card gets sorted out, it'll be cheaper to just pre-order Divinity II on its own (which is the only game I wanted from the bundle anyway). Not to mention who knows what the next week will bring, I don't want to put a strain on my card anymore than I already have. Looks like I'll have to sit this one out as well.
I have looked over your transaction attempts in our system and you should now be able to make purchases, if you're still interested.
RaggieRags: Why can't I see the dev journal on the list of downloads?
Probably because Divinity II: Developer's Cut (which is what it's part of) won't be unlocked until the 17th.
TheEnigmaticT: Probably because Divinity II: Developer's Cut (which is what it's part of) won't be unlocked until the 17th.
RaggieRags: Um... So the extras I can download now are extras for the DC, not part of the DC...?
Hm. I could be mistaken, then. I'll email the guys at the office and see.
Lifthrasil: No thanks. The Divinity franchise was killed for me with the ending of Divinity 2 Ego Draconis. After that annoying "In your face - scr* you for playing our game" ending,
That's what expansion is for. You can get your revenge ;)
Khalaq: I am wondering... The Anthology package supposedly includes Divine Divinity and Beyond Divinity updated in hi-res for Windows 7. Is this something different than what we had, before, or is Larian Studios putting out new versions of the games? I suppose the GOG versions of the game might already be hi-res for Windows 7, and that would mean that Larian might just be including the GOG versions of the games in their Anthology package. If that's not the case, will our GOG versions be updated to reflect what Larian is now publishing? It's enough to make one's head spin. Anyone on GOG Staff want to clarify this? -Khalaq
We're currently working to add all of the updates you mentioned and will be done by tomorrow.
N0CT1FER: Whats about the language of DD and BD? If i buy the retail Anthology i get localised versions.
Language packs will be added when we update our versions of DD/BD, hopefully sometime tomorrow.
CowboyBebop: When you update DD/BD to High-res versions, are the original versions still going to be available to download? Will the Hi-res versions have different system requirements?
kalirion: What exactly goes into the "High-res" versions? Is it no more than exposing in game options the resolution switch functionality which used to be only in the .ini file? Or are graphics actually updated?
I've no idea yet, to both questions. I can answer that tomorrow.
xyem: The annoying thing is if I say it isn't me, no-one will believe me. Argh!
We will ^^