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Miaghstir: And the first hurdle is (as usual?) Internet Explorer, I believe, at 2083 characters limit for a uri (no more than 2048 for the path part - everything after "protocol:").
5121 for IE9 x64. Unsure about IE10
aivadroid: You must be keeping your money under your pillow then.
I would, if it was viable option at all. Sadly, with payments over the internet, I can't use cash.

For data it is viable, at least as far as my experience shows me (though it may, in some regards, require a bit more knowledge than the average Joe has).
So I was running my script last night which extracts the product title, the download links and the filenames and.. it seems to have gotten me banned from the site. Could browse to the front page but anywhere else said "Site is overwhelmed" (403 Forbidden).

Checked and there is nothing in the robots.txt to make a crawler slow down, so I think it was a flood-ban by the CDN (or they thought I was up to no good).

I can post up the links (which will only work if you own the products anyway and don't consist of all the products as I am missing a handful), or send people the (Perl) script to run themselves if they want (after I add in some hold-back code).
JMich: 5121 for IE9 x64. Unsure about IE10
Probably the same. I did say it was old information, but it's likely still relevant to MSIE8 (still in heavy use) and/or 32-bit versions of that browser.