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gamebin: Added Darksiders II because it's busted to all hell. I am still sifting through items for a larger update again.
shaddim: Hi gamebin, good to see you back-

something to add: archimedean dynasty/schleichfahrt misses the manuals (englisch, german, french) & bonus material
Updated. Nap time. Zzzzzz
Added Constructor and Mob Rule to games removed from the catalogue. I am sure there are a lot more things, but I take them as I find them.
gamebin: Battle Chess Special Edition - Apparently, GOG does not have the rights to the cinematics for this title. :-(
There is an Enhanced CD ROM edition missing as well:
Descent 1-3 removed from the catalogue.
Hammerwatch Linux version is missing the expansion Temple of the Sun + patch 1.3.

Gog linux version is 1.23.
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Bump for Doom 2: Nerve.wad

This could come by with Doom 3 if GOG gets the BFG Edition however.
Does Blocks That Matter contain the Chocolate Update? It's 10 new levels + 2 soundtracks.

I see no mention of it in the game page. I don't have the gog version, only steam, so can't check.