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The installation file of Broken Sword 4: The Angel of Death (Secrets of the Ark) is corrupted (its size is 30MB instead of 1.3GB) hence you can't install the game.
The problem appear to fixed, although now the installer is double its size for some reason.
Sam and Max Save the World seems to be missing Machinima Short 9, and EWJ 2's soundtrack is missing a song (the last level).
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Just FYI: I have a list here I am updating 1-2 times a week if anybody wants to put stuff there -

(Note that I try to focus on certain subjects. Game bugs - especially those in the original game - don't really count, but missing content would if you believe it's important.)
Gamebin, I'm unable to message you back as you've blocked messages, but I'll post a response here: if you're able to still update this thread it would be appreciated, but I'm willing to continue updating the thread I started (although probably only once a week, Thurs. or Friday). Personally I don't go actively searching for issues but will add in those that people post.
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