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WBGhiro: I'd like this feature too, not because I have any particular problem, but rather because i'm way too lazy to start up the game and check myself.
Count me in for this as well! :)

I can't check the schedule if I am at work :)
Piranjade: My day 5 match against Judas ended in a 4:0 win for my rats.
Nuffle really disliked the Nurgles that day and gave them fluffy bunnies instead of hands which made it difficult for them to grab the ball or hit my players. And it rained for the most part of the match.
In other words: The Nurgles had abysmal luck. -18.31 on the (1D6) skill rolls, and only 44% of their blocks were successful.

Replay is here.
It didn't help that no one died at all in that match :P
WBGhiro: Oh... I someone bothered uploading replays of our matches.

That does look quite sexy, but the announcers are pretty bad compared to the old ones.
Yeah, I prefer the original voices too :)

Also, that doesn't look like in-game footage more like an in-game cutscene or something...