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kanarek: Thanks everyone for kind words, yup I am dirty git, looks like time for goblin team truly come:)

But I did foul on purpose - to jeopardize Jolly' s way to finals. His team is insane, killer team with so many stat up rolls that an agility play is now even safer than caging. Sadly I got the only one opportunity to foul.

BTW do we have any decent chaos team around? Some cpomb..
Well, I would have CPOMBS buuut I keep getting AGI ability rolls so now I have a Dodge CW and a Blodge Beastman :D
Post edited October 01, 2014 by JudasIscariot
JudasIscariot: Well, I would have CPOMBS buuut I keep getting AGI ability rolls so now I have a Dodge CW and a Blodge Beastman :D
kanarek: looks like we have an agility based bashers :]
any elven team ready to take challenge for mighty blow?
If I could I would take a +1 to STR but having a Blodger is too good to pass up considering I've been up against those kind of teams :)
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iippo: i managed to install and update windows last night, but havent been able to install any ssd inside case.. i need couple 3.5" -> 2.5" hard drive bays. Ive already ordered them couple days ago, but they havent arrived yet so no chance of installing my other ssd's besides the one with OS :/ has usually managed to ship stuff to me so that i have it day after ive bought, but apparently they are having some issues there atm. hopefully theyll manage to ship them today, so that they will arrive before weekend.

Also i am in desperate need of cable tying stickers.
Get zip ties, they work great for tying cables :)
Hey E_A and league,

I was supposed to play with E_A tonight but the PC I have BloodBowl on just got a weird issue (something about \file\Boot.BCD I have no clue as to what that is either...) so it looks like I'll be spending a portion of my time diagnosing that tomorrow ...hooray.

Sooo admins, please give a win for E_A. Thanks!
E_A: Boo. Good luck with the computer. That's one of those *bleh* errors :-(.
Yeah, I was restarting it to get it ready to play BB aaaaand that happened...

Oh well, there's always next week :)
Hey guys,

Comp died this time without fixing itself and the same boot error I had last time has returned so I won't be able to play with Maisnomies. Admins, please make it an autowin for him. Thanks,
Hey guys,

I won't be able to play today as I'll be streaming Din's Curse later in the day. I already gave Mainosmies(spelling?) the win via PM sooo yeah :D
Hooray cheerleaders :P
Hi all,

I won't be playing next season as I am taking a season break for now :) I should be back by either Season 8 or 9 :) Just got a lot of work here and all :)