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Chaos against more Chaos - the match between E_A and Judas is on right now!
Please don't play any matches!
We need to arrange things properly for the play-offs.

DodoGeo, who is in 4th place for division one, cannot play in the play-offs due to real life. And as the result for one of Jolly's matches was not set correctly we need to calculate place 4 by hand.
I got all the data I needed, the admins can set up the play-offs now. :)
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The quarterfinals have been calculated, the games can commence!

Get hold of your opponent, arrange a match date and let us know here in the thread!

May Nuffle bless us all!

Division 2 vs. Division 1

Piranjade - "High & Mighty" (High Elves) vs. Michal - "Sewer Swappers" (Skaven)
Arnob - "Wheel of Terror" (Dark Elves) vs. MafiaK1 - "Systematic Chaos" (Chaos)
Rodzaju - "Religiously Unlucky" (Chaos Dwarves) vs. Ebenezer Arvigenius - "Putorana Pow" (Chaos)
iipp0 - "Blandland Blanks" (Humans) vs. Jo11y - "Jollys Liedeeler next gen" (Orcs)

Other stuff
Psyringe will manage the prize pool for this season as well (Thank you!).
Please contact him to add/remove games.

Next season will be an "Open Season". That means that each division will be a mix of new teams and returning teams.
We'll start taking applications for the next season soon-ish. Places will be limited to 20 (max. 24) again.
Comments and ideas about the format of the different seasons (see second post in this thread) are very welcome!
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