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Psyringe: The Good Old Ghouls won 2-0 against A_Fnord's Khorne team. Replay is here.

The match could have gone the other way quite easily. My first touchdown resulted from a quick break that was possible because the demons failed to pick up the ball. Then I barely averted an equalizer after A_Fnord's ball carrier had broken through my defenses already - a combination of lucky block and dodge rolls on my side allowed my ghouls to steal the ball just before the demons could run it home.

In the second half I was vastly outnumbered. My ball carrier got hemmed in at the sideline, and was just about to be pushed into the crowd - but due to an unlucky GFI by the demons, and again some lucky rolls on my part, she instead managed to dodge through the defenses and score another touchdown.

Again, despite throwing almost 40 blocks, I didn't manage a single casualty. The two casualties that the demons suffered, were caused by failed GFIs or dodges. Again, both my mummies were ko'd or CAS'd. And again, my ghouls saved the day, assisted by the wights. I wonder why these mummies are so freaking expensive. In all four matches that I played, they have been less effective than a zombie, as well as more fragile than a zombie, despite costing three times as much as a zombie.

Unfortunately, two of my positionals (Ghouldon Once-Freeman and Mummy Kong) will miss the next match, which is a pity since we'll be playing against the one other team in our division that won all 4 matches so far.
Love the names of your players. We'll be looking to put the Crunch in Lara next match.
My LazerWolfz will be battleing Mainosmies Khorne Demons in just a few minutes! Prepare to be seeing a bloody match!
The Iron Maidens battled themselves to a surprising 2-1 victory vs Vohaul's lizards yesternight.
We started slow bit baffled how to deal with that strength and movement of teh lizards and first half ended in 0-1.
We stopped being afraid of the ko's and injuries (only 1 received ;)) ; we actually managed to injure one of the saurons and score the equalizer. A lack if rerolls hurted Vohaul more and in turn 15 the Amazons picked up the ball on our own half made a +4 pass and my way up front catcher could run it in!!

fun game overall, I'm afraid I've run out of luck now after the first 4 games ;)
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WereCrow: My LazerWolfz will be battleing Mainosmies Khorne Demons in just a few minutes! Prepare to be seeing a bloody match!
So how did it go? Looking at the Waxers roster page I'd say you had a huge advantage going in.

The Waxers are my week 5 and the match has not been verified yet so cant plan on countering their inducements until i know if their roster got any thinner or if they earned a lot of spp and leveled a lot.