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jol1yroger: Hey iippo You set my Game vs. Judas accidently as a loss for me .. Is this fix ?
aww crap. I really did think i set it the otherway around as judas said he could not play.

Its really utter brainfart on my part and i am terribly sorry for it. i had to clickety-click four match results at once while the junior was making huge scene on the floor so i just fumbled it :(

Unfortunately BB doesnt let as tweak game results once they have been validated nor does it let as tweak team stats, so ingame there is really nothing that can be done, except when calculating league points, we can "on paper" deduct 3 from judas and add them for you, so this sort of mistake doesnt really affect who gets to playoffs for example.

But for the lost gold and SPP there is unfortunately nothing that can be done.

i would need to speak with other admins if its smart to give chance to choose autowin next time you play against judas - but that would also have its disadvantages (different season and very likely different teams), so i really cant promise that sort of handling just yet either. I'll update the rules section later, when ive had the time to speak with other admins how to handle this sort of thing in the future.

i am open for suggestions and once again, i am sorry for causing this.
jol1yroger: Hey iippo You set my Game vs. Judas accidently as a loss for me .. Is this fix ?
I'll calculate the game as a victory for you when determining the picking order for the prize pool. That's probably not the reason why you mentioned the issue, but it's a little thing that can be done to mitigate the effects of this mistake, so I'll do it.

Unfortunately, as iippo already said, data that has been validated on the game's server can't really be changed any more.
hey no Problem .. shit happens ...

Dont worry ´bout it .. and theres really no need for any ruling for next season .. i most likely wouldnt have reached the Playoffs nevertheless ...

it´s ok