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iippo: i managed to install and update windows last night, but havent been able to install any ssd inside case.. i need couple 3.5" -> 2.5" hard drive bays. Ive already ordered them couple days ago, but they havent arrived yet so no chance of installing my other ssd's besides the one with OS :/ has usually managed to ship stuff to me so that i have it day after ive bought, but apparently they are having some issues there atm. hopefully theyll manage to ship them today, so that they will arrive before weekend.

Also i am in desperate need of cable tying stickers.
JudasIscariot: Get zip ties, they work great for tying cables :)
oh i have lots of those. They are just pain to remove and you have to cut them short so that they dont stick that point end to some fan or so...but that leaves the cut part sharp. So i decided to get some of these:

I also got some "plastic tubing" similar to this:

but that tends to leave the tied cables too stiff at times. ...and damn i am stupid at times, i could have bought 1/2TB 2.5" notebook hdd instead of 3rd ssd and save some money, but well, atleast there will be less moving parts in the comp if nothing else.. anyways, i wont be missing the old samsung spinpoints buzzing.
CSPVG and me played our match which ended 1-1.
3 players in my team miss next game and my top player now has -1 av:(

If CSPVG had more then 1 reroll I'm sure he would have easily won this game.
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